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Remote shoots! Finger pulled out, a slick setup invested in and more creativity to burn than I don't know what! :D

Keira Lavelle is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1611316612.

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I did it folks... I stood up to the terrifying (but imaginary) technology monster; and laughed hard afterwards at how mush of a breeze it was to actually get my system going for remote shoots! :D It's literally even easier for photographers to participate from their end!

This has been a bizarre, unpredictable and tough marathon for us all. Whilst our usual way of shooting was snatched away from us - these "virtual" ways of still being able to get together and be creative really are a godsend! And the fact that it really doesn't limit you on being innovative with cool styles and even the ability to bounce off each other is just the icing on the cake. :) I know I have missed that about shooting - have you? 


Using zoom we can set up a virtual face-to-face live chat which will enable us to communicate throughout the shoot. From my end: I can then issue the camera controls over to you with a screen share - enabling you to control my camera shutter/the settings whilst I do my repertoire in posing. I will adjust the lights/scene as and how we decide we want it as the shoot progresses... But you literally have as much input as you like on this front. :) I am here to help/input ideas as and how is needed just like I normally would. You remain in the safety of your home - with the possibility to connect up anywhere in the world!

The images/their copyright is entirely yours. I will send all images (minus accidental shots that depict content above my levels - a rare occurrence sometimes if you're doing acrobatic poses) to your email via WeTransfer by the following day - this will include RAW and JPEG images. You edit away. :D


I will be using a Canon 5DMiv camera - two lenses to go with: an 85mm, and a 28-300 zoom. Camera tripod with all adjustable necessities to get the shot angle, on-camera flash too. I have an additional collection of lighting equipment as listed below:

| 2 x continuous soft box/umbrella lights on stands | 14 inch ring light | Portable LED continuous light | Reflector | 2 x small daylight fill lamps |


| £45 per for 2-3 hours | £160 for 4 hours/half a day | £300 for 8 hours/a full day |
The longer booked the more creative variation possible taking into account that I will be doing the makeup/outfit changes as well as moving the lights/set that a photographer might usually do.


I have always shot from my home in the past because of the fabulous amounts of natural light that I get blessed with up here on the hill tops! As such: my home is kitted out in a photogenic manner, with also neutral areas and features to really set a scene. I also have a private office premises that I can use for shoots: fully kitted-out large office area, plus an open white-room/studio space upstairs. I have put together a video to show my location options much better:



I've enjoyed being versatile across styles from day one; and not necessarily limiting myself to one genre - it's all creativity as far as I am concerned and it's fun to explore/rewarding! :D So there is a lot of potential to explore across my levels up to full frontal nude. I also do makeup and hair to a VERY high standard and any degree of complexity. One of the projects I have also had going this last year was designing a stunning range of crystal lingerie sets - these have barely made it to the surface yet to be photographed by other people so I am really excited about offering this bespoke touch to various shoots as they do look BANGIN' in pictures. :P

Here are a few self-portraits and remote shoot tests across my locations... If I can shoot the majority of these situations myself the hard way with a ten second timer - yep, even when handcuffed! (I know I can get a remote trigger but I'm trying to control the urge to go too crazy on getting too much stuff haha!) then imagine what we could do as a team! :P


Over to you friends! :D Remember: I can shoot with you this way no matter where in the WORLD you are!! I would have loved to be able to add more cities for more reach but I'm limited to 5 in the casting. Please Don't hesitate to drop me a message. 






I'm a 30yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map