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Virtual Reality Immersive 3D Film Production

Dino Dinoulis is looking for a model or a make-up artist or a stylist or a hair stylist or a designer to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around London, UK Added 1603551561.

With so many restrictions currently imposed on live events, many people are turning to new sources of artistic content. Immersive Technology has been becoming more popular for several years and this growth has accelerated over the last 6 months. Additionally higher quality, affordable fully immersive VR headsets have been introduced to the market this year. I believe that there is a huge market potential for the creation of fully immersive performance works, such as theatre productions, dance performances, live music and other performance art.

I am looking to undertake a limited number of collaborations with performance artists/theatre & dance groups/bands to create fully immersive, VR180 3D performance works.

If you are interested in collaborating, you will need to be capable of staging a professional level performance work, including venue, lighting, costumes, make-up, performers and copyright licensing of any music tracks (if applicable). I will film and edit the performance in immersive VR 180 stereo (note VR360 is also possible but there would be an equipment rental cost - VR180 will be free for a limited number of collaborations) and create the final immersive VR film.

If you are interested then please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Dino DinoulisPhotographer

I am a full time photographer and have more than 19 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in London, UK. Map