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Any Interest In A "Star Trek" Shoot?

Zara-Rose is looking for a photographer or a photoshop wizard to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Aldershot, UK Added 1590585928.

so... I am trying to justify buying a star trek uniform, (big fan) and i thought i would put some feelers out there to see if anyone would be interested in a cosplay star trek shoot? i can also buy a fake fazer gun and a few other little props.

i usually dont do many fully TFP anymore (been doing this 6+ years now!) but being a mad trekkie, i would love some photos for my port. and ideally someone whos good with photoshop/photo manipulation (seeing as we cannot shoot in space)

would even be potentially cool to get a team of various models/mua ect... but i may be over estemating the amount of trekkies here :L

The uniform is from the DS9/Voyager series (link below)


wow, wasnt expecting such a huge responce! If youre interested, please still feel free to message me, however I wont be doing anymore TFP on this subject! unless i really like your style!

I am still offering the shoot but i will have to ask for payment (otherwise my portfolio would just be star trek!!!)  i have a few other cosplay bits and a wide wardrobe.

my rate is £30ph



I'm a 25yr old Female, part time model and have more than 5 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Aldershot, UK. Map