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Beauty RAW images available to edit! ***FREE OPTION AVAILABLE*** Spring Skin! Real Flowers!

Eleanor Sutcliffe is looking to be paid by a photographer or a photoshop wizard or a tutor or a studio or a designer for this casting. Added 1590569224.

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It's me again! 

I know a lot of people are going back to shooting, but a lot of photographers I know are still unable to get out to shoot - which is why I am still releasing new RAW images for you all to edit.

I think this is my favourite set I have done so far and is great if you are looking to edit something a little bit different. Featuring an editorial makeup look, this set has a mix of images using my natural hair which I then painted white and blue. I also used real flowers for the makeup!

Here's a couple of edited examples of the images in this set: 


These images are all taken on a Canon 70D camera and a Sigma 2.8 24-70mm lens. As per your requests I have lit this set with a large rectangular softbox as well as natural light. I've also shot these images against a white backdrop in case you want to cut me out and put me onto something else, or add to the existing backdrop! All of the images in this set are portrait orientated.

This set includes both portrait and upper body shots - we are struggling to shoot full body at the moment as our apartment is very small, but bear with us! Me and my partner are working on it.

I have 3 tiers of access for these images:

Tier 1 - FREE - Want to try before you buy, or simply cannot afford to purchase images? Not a problem! You'll get a link to 3 RAW portrait files to edit for free! 

Tier 2 - £10 - This will get you 20 images to edit during lockdown! 

Tier 3 - £20 - Tier 3 will get you access to the full file of raw images which is over 120 RAW images and all of the outfits/looks.

If you have purchased either access to Tier 3 from me before, you're entitled to 10% discount when purchasing any level of access for this set!

The possibilities with these are endless. You can use the files to practise editing techniques for skin/hair, photo manipulation, preset editing and much more. RAW files ensure you have full control over the end result. You are also free to post these to your PurplePort, Instagram, Facebook - anywhere!

Images will be distributed via Dropbox and payments can be taken either using PayPal or bank transfer.

Interested? Just reply to this casting detailing which tier you'd like and I'll give you all the relevant details! 

All the best 

Eleanor x

I'm a 23yr old Female, part time model and have more than 3 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Birmingham, UK. Map