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Anonymous bodyscapes...

JD tuition is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Stafford, Staffordshire, United Kingdom Added 1582233603.

This casting is closed.

This casting starts on Saturday, May 2nd.

On Saturday 2 May I'll be working with a model who wishes to remain anonymous at a studio near Stafford.

After we have completed our own 4-hour shoot for her personal project and my own, we will be available if anyone else wishes to take pictures of her. I'll be available to provide any advice on lighting or technique if needed, but will not interfere with your shooting if you don't need me.

She specialises in bodyscapes, and has long experience as an artist's model. Between now and then, I'll be posting some images of her that I've taken over the last few months. She has a slim and nicely toned figure, and her pubic hair will be shaved at the time of the shoot.

Up to three one-hour slots will be available.

This is not a group shoot or workshop: only one photographer will be able to work with her/us at any given time. The total cost will be £40 per hour, for model, studio and any input you want from me.

Because the model wishes to remain anonymous, you will be required to sign an agreement that you will not include her face in any images, and that you will edit out certain distinguishing features on her body. With this proviso, you are free to make any non-commercial use you wish of the images - here on Purpleport, in club and other competitions, and exhibitions.

Please contact me if you want any further details.


I am a part time tutor and have more than 3 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Walsall, UK. Map