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Lots Of Creative Ideas - TFP - NSFW

Ech1 is looking for a photographer to fill this collaboration casting. Added 1580407395.

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Hey there!

I was up for ages creating a list of ideal/dream Photoshoot style and theme ideas that I would love try out and to be a part of.

So I thought what better way to make my dreams come true or to try to at least than to put out a casting, included in this casting will

be the list of ideas and a bit about me so if any of it perks your interest please don’t hesitate to drop me a message or if you have any

new ideas we could work on together please do send them over and I’m sure we can sort something out!

Most my ideas to have either boards on Pinterest or lots of general photo ideas/inspiration so if you want me to like you to any let me know :) 

About me:

I am an 18 year old trans male model living in Brighton currently but travel a lot hence the multiple locations. I can provide ID if requested for it, I’m quite alternative and do have a lot of facial piercings. If there’s anything you want to know feel free to ask 

The ideas (sorry the list is so long):

  • Bubbles photo shoot
  • Glam metal photo shoot
  • Smoke bomb photo shoot
  • Gothic photo shoot
  • Sparklers photo shoot
  • Fairy lights photo shoot
  • Neon photo shoot
  • Bath photo shoot
  • Harajuku photo shoot
  • Pastel photo shoot
  • BDSM photo shoot
  • Candy photo shoot
  • Fantasy photo shoot
  • Post apocalyptic photo shoot
  • Angel and demon photo shoot
  • Library photo shoot
  • Customisable temporary tattoo photo shoot
  • Gore photo shoot
  • Flowers photo shoot
  • Body confidence photo shoot
  • LGBT pride photo shoot
  • Trans pride photo shoot
  • Alice in wonderland photo shoot
  • Gas mask photo shoot
  • Scene photo shoot
  • Fake blood photo shoot
  • Paint photo shoot
  • Nature photo shoot
  • Stickers photo shoot
  • Aquarium photo shoot
  • Vinyl shop photo shoot
  • Arcade photo shoot
  • Body paint photo shoot
  • Laundromat photo shoot
  • Diner photo shoot
  • God’s own junkyard photo shoot
  • Space photo shoot
  • Autumn photo shoot
  • Elf photo shoot
  • Tim burton photo shoot
  • Teddy photo shoot

Many thanks for reading and hopefully hear from some of you soon

- Echo


I'm a 19yr old Male, hobbyist model and have around a year experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Map

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