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The "Flying Scotswoman" visit! March 6th/7th/8th - NSFW

Roswell Ivory is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. Added 1579173308.

This casting is based around...
Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom which is Get directions

This casting is closed.

This casting starts on Friday, March 6th and expires on Sunday, March 8th.


Hi photographers,

It's time to pack up my modelling shoes and I want 2020 to be my best and most creative year yet! I'm planning a very quick "flying" visit to Scotland in March (6th/7th/8th). 

So far, available in Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas

I'm a very experienced model with a striking and instantly recognisable figure; I'm naturally extremely feminine and curvy but very toned due to weightlifting and martial arts training. I have long flowing hair and expressive green eyes but very strong bone structure and cheekbones to cut glass with!
Because of these features, I can create a wide variety of powerful, emotive images- I can be a delicate ethereal fairy creature and Queen Boudicca in the same shoot!

So lets create something truly memorable. ♥

I always give my wardrobe a total overhaul at the start of each year so I'll have a huge variety of never-before-seen outfits and accessories with me! I do take requests so if you have a theme or an idea you'd like to realise, let me know. I can make suggestions or throw unusual combinations together and see what we get (it's happened and it worked!) Smile I can also style my hair and make-up to a very high standard.

A bit more: 
- I'm very comfortable in the cold- it's the Scottish highland blood. Sticking out tongue
- I have a goofy sense of humour and love getting to know my photographers.
- If you have coffee and bananas, you'll be my best friend.

My rates:
Two hours: £100
Four hours: £170
Six hours £230
Eight hours: £290
+ travel from my base (I book well in advance to keep costs down.)

Get in touch with any enquiries and I can't wait to see you in 2020!

Roswell xx



I'm a 32yr old Female, full time model and have more than 13 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in London, UK. Map