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Bath/Shower Shoot - NSFW

Rich Imagery is looking to pay a model or a make-up artist for this casting. Added 1579119339.

This casting is based around...
Bath, UK which is Get directions
Bristol, City of, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Caerdydd, Cardiff, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Swindon, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom which is Get directions

This casting is closed.


I am looking to do a .very cool iconic looking bathroom shoot involving a bath, and maybe a shower.

I want the photoshoot to focus on depth of field, light & shadow, colour and beauty.

This can be from clothed, implied to fully nude, to adult (if the location, model & theme works)

An example of a look that I am after both for the model, lighting & editing style

I opening this casting up to models who would like the opportunity to include a shoot like this on their portfolio.

I will decline your message if you have done this shoot a 1001 times and unlikely to feature on your profile or portfolio. This shoot needs to work with the right model.

One thing that I am looking into is location. I am unable to shoot from my current living arrangements.

One of the thing I am looking for is a models who can shoot from their home or suitable location they have access to. Second, is be comfortable in front of the photographer during the whole shoot.


I am first opening this shoot upto new models only, and TFP, as it is something that that can boost or promote a portfolio. I do have a limit on rates, so please message first.

One other thing to remember is that I work full time, so don't have time to check messages every day. Just bare with me. And also, is that I am available at weekends only. Will consider evening shoots after 6pm if you live less than 30mins away.


Any questions, feel free. Open to other ideas as well.




Rich ImageryPhotographer

I am a full time photographer and have more than 8 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Bath, UK. Map


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