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Ireland March 2020 - Extended Dates

M I S C H K A H is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio for this casting. Added 1575484970.

This casting is based around...
Belfast, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Drogheda, Louth, Ireland which is Get directions
Dublin, Ireland which is Get directions
Dun Dealgan, Louth, Ireland which is Get directions

This casting starts on Saturday, March 7th and expires on Thursday, March 12th.



Hello Ireland !




I am planning a return visit in March 2020 

I plan to stay in Dundalk so have easy access to both Dublin and Belfast 

I will be using public transport so appreciate a pickup at your closest bus or train stop. 


Here are my planned tour days:

                      • Thursday 5th March 2-4 hours AVAILABLE 12.30-4.30pm = DUBLIN or DUNDALK
                      • Friday 6th booked @arthur61 10-2pm / 3-6pm booked @instantimage = DUNDALK 
                      • Saturday 7th booked Sean Kenny = DUNDALK 
                      • Sunday 8th booked @Gabriel O Shaugnessy 10-6pm = DROGHEDA CAMERA CLUB 
                      • Monday 9th booked @clivestjohn Carnbeg Hotel and Spa 4-9pm = DUNDALK
                      • Tuesday 10th booked @tmul 10-2pm / booked @roy67 = BELFAST
                      • Wednesday 11th booked @dave76 10-2pm / Wednesday 11th 2-4 hours available 2.30-6.30pm = BELFAST
                      • Thursday 12th booked @finegan 9-5pm = BELFAST
                      • Friday 13th AVAILABLE
                      • Saturday 14th AVAILABLE
                      • Sunday 15th booked 10-2pm Declan Gernon +1 = DUNDALK/ Sunday 15th 2-4 hours available = DUNDALK
                      • Monday 16th booked @eddiek 7-10pm  = DUBLIN  /  Monday 16th AVAILABLE = DUBLIN
                      • Tuesday 17th AVAILABLE
                      • Wednesday 18th AVAILABLE
                      • Thursday 19th AVAILABLE

Please do let me know if you'd like to work with me.

I am happy to travel anywhere in Ireland! *Travel expenses are from Dundalk



Sterling: 50/180/350 Euro: 70/250/400



Artistic nude max. 



Thank you 


M I S C H K A H 



I'm a 31yr old Female, full time model and have more than 9 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Trondheim, Norway. Map


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