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DEVON/EXETER! The return of Keira... Versatile (indoors & out) with styling goodies galore - NSFW

Keira Lavelle is looking to be paid by a photographer or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1574093859.

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Dartmouth, Devon, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Plymouth, United Kingdom which is Get directions
Torquay, Torbay, United Kingdom which is Get directions

This casting has expired.

Devon/Cornwall in the line-up for my LAST modelling tour of the year!


It's not a part of the world I manage to get to very often - but it's a STUNNING part of the world. Whilst I will be staying in the Exeter area (with a studio to hand/to recommend) during my time in the area, I will have my own transport and will be actively moving around the place to different photographer stations working in a venue/location of individual preference, including outdoors as if pretending that it isn't December yet. ;)

Keira Lavelle, the professional model-actress

-A highly reputable and committed professional art model who invests into every shoot, however big or small-

-Covers a dynamic range of styles (not limited to one specific) to suit various creative areas/looks of interest-

 -Possesses the ability to bend/stretch in many arty ways, as well as express emotion and tell a story in-pose-

-Is a natural canvas suited to timeless work with no tattoos anywhere or piercings other than basic ear lobe-

-A very confident nude model, but also largely suited to creative fashion with a car full of exquisite wardrobe-

-Bears quality work ethic and value for teamwork, able to offer creative input from nothing or take direction-

-Very easy to work with and friendly and approach, as per several hundred (all positive) references confirm-

Why take the opportunity to book just now?

-It will cost you far less (no travel expenses) than if you asked me to travel down specially for a separate shoot-

-Winter light is beautiful when working outside; it can be diffused and soft, yet bright and gold at the same time-

-I have a studio/natural light home location available for photographers to book where I will be staying in Exeter-

-I can provide continuous daylight lights if I am required to travel to another (indoor) location that is not a studio-

-An extremely busy model travelling worldwide all year round - a very rare occurrence for me to be available here-

-I also offer high standard makeup artistry & hair styling at no extra cost; a valuable extra skill to have on shoots-

-Both professional/full time and/or hobby photographers are welcomed to book me. I will also work with beginners-

So Let us get chatting and get that epic pre-Christmas creation sesh of productivity and positive madness booked in shall we? ;) I can ramble on here until the cows go home - but I'll hold myself back on too much eye-rolling/pointless yabber material - you'll see if we we end up working together that I do not take myself too seriously at all, despite being 1000% dedicated to my job. I work hard on my "crazy Keira" reputation (because I don't want anyone to know that I can actually act sensible, shhhhhh) and do tend to get very excited about each shoot, even though I've done this line of work for a century. :') 

Available to work from the studio of Mr Dave - a well known and loved member of the local community with a fantastic and versatile setup. Though I will have my car and so can travel anywhere in Devon or Cornwall is the arrangements work.

12/12/19 - 13/12/19

2-3 hours = £45 per hour, 4 hours = £160, 8 hours = £280

Fashion to full frontal nude, covering artistic, glamour and non-explicit erotic



I'm a 28yr old Female, full time model and have more than 9 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map