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Bodyscape/Body parts similar to my current portfolio. TFP - NSFW

Mike Lancaster is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Leeds 9 Added 1573230810.

This casting starts on Saturday, November 9th and expires on Saturday, November 30th.

I'm looking to further improve on my bodyscape and body part images that are currently in my portfolio. 

ALL genders welcome to apply as long as you fit the casting criteria.


Applicants should:

-Be over 18.

-Be in good shape. Muscular definition, particularly in the abdominal region is pretty much a necessity, though happy to discuss with people who are not quite there but with an aesthetic physique overall.

-Be ok with non gratuitous nudity (I don't shoot open leg nor would I expect you to agree to close up shots of labia/penis). Breasts, side and angled view of pubic mound, bare bum etc though all with artistic merit as I hope my current shots show.

-Be able to control their body in regards to stretching and posing to achieve the best lines and shapes. Being able to hold a stomach vacuum pose would be a huuuuuge plus.

-Preferably have a good selection of underwear/suitable clothing with patterns/mesh/chains. Other props to be discussed if you have anything suitable.


The shoot will consist of:

A 2-3 hour shoot at my mini bodge job home "studio" space. Please check out my references and feel free to contact any of the models I've shot with in regards to my conduct.

Chaperones very welcome.

In return you'll receive 5-10 fully edited pics for your time.

Lots of brews and breaks whilst we discuss the shots we've taken and how to improve on them or take them up a notch.

Will happily agree to a further TFP shoot if you want to capture a different concept/theme as an added bonus for your time.

Mike Lancaster Photographer

I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 2 years experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in Leeds 9. Map


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