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Freya—international art model of mystery—tucked away in the French Riviera!

Freya Gallows 3 is looking to be paid by a photographer or a artist/painter for this casting. Added 1565704998.

This casting is based around...
Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France which is Get directions
Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France which is Get directions
Saint-Tropez, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France which is Get directions

This casting starts on Today and expires on Thursday, September 5th.


I’m a seasoned traveling model, jane-of-all-trades, and feral warrior princess, headed to a secret Hobbit hole in France [picture a version of the Shire that's a French coastal village sprawled up a hill]!


  • Dates: Aug 24-Sept 5
  • Available in/near Nice at the beginning/end of that window, or for shoots long enough to justify a day-trip
  • Available in/near Marseille for shoots long enough to justify a day-trip
  • Can also go anywhere else a similar distance away from St. Tropez area
  • Bonus possibility: If you have glowing references [particularly from models I know/trust], I may also be able to provide my adorable private location near St.-Tropez as a shooting space [I'd need to ask ahead of time]!

II. ABOUT ME [relevant to modeling]:

  • International: Professional experience shooting in the USA + Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia—and, more recently, in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia. While I am newer to PP [since most of my modeling experience has been outside of Europe], I have a long and robust reputation overall and can provide links and references on request.
  • Athletic: In addition to BJJ I have background in Muay Thai [including a paid fight in Thailand], Shaolin Kung Fu, certified yoga instructor and ski instructor, with a love of extreme sports and backpacking. Once, I rode a bicycle up the entire US east coast from Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME—and booked photo shoots on the way! If you need an art model who is up for steep climbs or long hikes, look no further. 
  • All-natural: Unshaved, no tattoos, clear complexion. The perfect blank canvas for any of your ideas! Many of my photos show me with no makeup and/or limited retouching; what you see is what you get!

III. MORE ABOUT ME [just for fun]:

  • My last "real job" before I discovered modeling was running experiments on voluntary participants at NASA Ames.
  • I’ve done pyrotechnics projects and built large-art installations for festivals and events on four different continents, including Burning Man
  • I can operate some heavy machinery and once smashed a car with a track loader for a photo shoot
  • I also sing, write [sometimes freelancing for Vice], draw, and do photography on the other side of the lens
  • I am a certified ski instructor, yoga instructor, advanced scuba diver, and Thai massage therapist.
  • In the last year, much of my free time has been devoted to studying Mandarin. 如果你也会说普通话,那么我很乐意和你一起练习!


Please inquire for my rate [which applies to 99% of shoot concepts, covering anything up to art/glamour nude that does not involve a risk of physical/legal danger...if your shoot concept falls outside this realm, we must discuss this ahead of time and I reserve the right to refuse shoots that I feel are too unsafe or that fall too far outside my content limits].

As a disclaimer, I charge rates that are higher than what many European photographers are used to; of course, I never take offense to someone deciding they'd rather hire another exceptional local/traveling model who may charge less! 

That said, there are those for whom my skillset, appearance, or vibe is a good fit, or who otherwise appreciate what I have to offer as a model. Photographers who've taken a chance on me have invariably reported that I make the high price tag worth their while, both in terms of the shooting experience and the results.

My job is to ensure everyone who leaves a shoot with me does so in a good mood and feeling creatively fulfilled, inspired, and like they truly got their money's worth. I can be a huge goof and laugh easily, but I take the mission of my work seriously. I've been doing this for over ten years, my success has primarily come via word-of-mouth, and I couldn't charge higher rates if they weren't deemed worthwhile and fair.

Thank you for your time—now let’s create [and perhaps have some good conversation or an adventure along the way]!


Freya Gallows


I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have around a year experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Changchun, Jilin, China. Map