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Looking to host models studio days in 2019

Stairway 11 Studio and photography is looking to be paid by a model for this casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Derbyshire, UK Added 1544787692.

Hello fellow PP users,

As you know christmas is now looming for all of us but 2019 is nearly upon us which means time to start planning more shoots for the year. We at Stairway 11 are looking to hold studio days for models both experienced and new. 

We offer a home style studio that is both comfortable and inviting. It uses a great amount of Natural light and the selection of rooms we have will more than cater for numerous ideas you might have for your shoots.

For more details on setting up your own studio day with us please get in touch and we will be happy to explain things in greater detail.

Stairway 11 team x

The studio has been open for around 6 months.

I'm based in Derbyshire, UK. Map