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TIME FOR SUN!!! One-off chance to work TF with me!! - NSFW

Natural Happy Woman is looking for a photographer to fill this collaboration casting. Added 1543868276.

This casting is based around...
Africa which is Get directions
Australia which is Get directions
Brazil which is Get directions
Canary Islands, Spain which is Get directions
Thailand which is Get directions

This casting starts on Tuesday, January 1st and expires on Friday, March 1st.


I'm a very experienced model with great references, please check me out!!

Every year in January I promise myself that next year I'm going to be getting some sun instead of doing my tax return last minute....
Sunshine does not pay the bills but I've decided to take the radical step of considering it a currency because it sure as hell is good for our health!
Normally I'm not interested in time away from friends and family where I'm not getting paid but this is an exception...
SO, if you can take me somewhere hot THIS WINTER I can WORK FOR FREE!!! (I nevvvvver ever ever ever dooooooo TF normally!)
It's a chance to get some awesome images of a very experienced model in a location of your choice without paying rates, just shove me in your suitcase, simples :>P...  

I can model fashion, stock, commercial, yoga, naturist, art nude, lingerie, and glamour/erotic styles only if very high end and tasteful.

Mellow Yellow  Naturally happy at Studland   Beach babe

If you want to go somewhere I can guide you/give you examples of locations then by all means follow this link regarding working in Fuerteventura as I've already hosted trips there, and I don't mind at all going somewhere I've already been before if that's helpful to you...
everything is up for negotiation and it just has to feel mutually beneficial to both of us so it's a happy working trip, simple as... 


   Cave girl

To be considered for this opportunity to work with me for free you should:

1/ Be offering a chance to shoot somewhere really hot and sunny IN WINTER, now until March. i.e when it is cold and dark in the UK.
At other times of the year I'm generally too busy and happy to work for free, lol, so unlikely to agree
2/ Have amazing references and preferably from models who've stayed with you, if not already known to me. If you haven't got the references but you're genuine it's possible that for the right opportunity I could have a local meeting to see if we get along.
3/ Provide me with my own bedroom, and ideally own bathroom so I can have personal space. I'm happy to share a room but not a bed with a female friend/model I know well.
4/ Understand I will work a certain number of hours to be fair exchange for the break but I won't be interested if there's no time off to enjoy the sun I came for,
it's also possible that I could work more hours if some of them are paid, I'm doing a reduced-pay trip this month.
5/ Understand I don't drink alcohol or smoke, and do not like noisy places, so I won't be happy to accompany you to "party" as I'm holistic-minded and health conscious.
6/ Understand that "time off" for me means quiet/alone time/with nature; I definitely need this alone time, it won't work for me if you expect this companionship outside of my working hours.

Priority negotiations will be given to:
Hotter places, departures from south of london, trips I can take a friend on (possibly they model too, open to possibilities..)...

If you think we could be a good fit and create something amazing together just get in touch!

Perhaps myself and a friend could do some hours with you in exchange for an awesome location we can use to make our own content?
So many possibilities....


Magic in the desert / Photography by Paul Underwood, Models Natural Happy Woman, Models ☯ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta / Uploaded 1st August 2016 @ 06:39 PM



A chance to work with a very experienced model who can help you get the best from any scenario...
What are you waiting for?!!

I'm a 39yr old Female, full time model and have more than 12 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Locks Heath, Park Gate, Southampton SO31 6LL, UK. Map