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It's Cold- Let's do Weird, Artsy, Creative Things Indoors - NSFW

iamcurt is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around London, UK Added 1541449770.

This casting is closed.

I like doing artsy things. Weird things. Just, straight up cool things. Outdoors. But it's cold, so let's do them indoors! Anyone down to have a no-pressure, be-as-creative-as-possible shoot, where we just challenge each other to be as creative as possible? You can check out my work below, which is from Facebook and Instagram so excuse the censorship. Speaking of, check out my work on Facebook or Instagram! Anyways, some boring, but important, bits:

I shoot art nude. If you ask me to shoot anything but art nude, I will respond... "Fun is a friend indeed."
I shoot in London (unless you wanna pay my travels which would be awesome possum). If you ask me to shoot outside of London, I will respond... "Necessity is thicker than water."
I shoot TF. And the randomly generated quote I'll give you for breaking that is... "Don't judge a book by people in glass houses."
I don't have a place to shoot, so you need a place to shoot. This one actually seems like more of an ask from you, so no random sayings but please just have a place to shoot... otherwise we will both get excited and subsequently sad (the reason I can't is uni housing- tends to be horribly non-photogenic).

Thanks to NeonWinter for the random shit generator. And thanks to anyone that actually reads this and respects it.

Also, if you have a friend comfortable with all this, I have an idea I want to try. A limb dress. A dress made of limbs. I know, sounds cool doesn't it? Rightio, my work:



I am a part time photographer and have more than 5 years experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in London Borough of Ealing, UK. Map

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