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Studio/room with a gloom - NSFW

TheEgg is looking to pay a studio for this casting. It's based around Manchester, UK Added 1540905226.

This casting is closed.

I’m looking at collaborating with a MUA and model(s) on a disturbing scene (won’t stop us giggling like kids whilst we work though) and as it’s a bit nippy now we’re looking for somewhere indoors and not freezing to shoot.

Ideally a set with a derelict house feel to it, bare floorboards/threadbare carpet. There might be a bit of blood which I’m happy to clean up but may leave residual staining.

Makeup and shooting could take 4 or 5 hours and as a starving tog I can’t afford big hire fees so leniency/pity is greatfully welcomed.

My minds eye suggests a fairly dimly lit room.

On site shower facilities or at least a decent sink with hot water would be needed.

Can anyone offer these facilities in the Manchester/Stockport areas?

Not sure when we’ll be shooting but we’re thinking before Christmas and midweek daytime.


I am a part time photographer and have more than 10 years experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in Huddersfield, UK. Map