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Yet another Halloween extravaganza! Film Noir Night and Dracula in the Dungeon- yes, I have access to an 800 year old Under-croft in an incredible location!!

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Hello everyone!

DarrenS and myself will be hosting another one of our epic Halloween shoots!

Last year we had a hugely successful Film Noir evening- this time we are Film Noir'ing' it up again, but on the Saturday we have a full day of shooting in an exclusive and EPIC location!!

We have been doing these Halloween events for the past three years now- and they are great fun!!


Friday 26th October;

The Film Noir evening shoot will work as follows.

Arrive at my flat for 6:30pm, a few nibbles and refreshments will be laid out and we can all talk through the story board/ chat ideas for half an hour before we start shooting.

7-7:30 1-2-1 shoot in my home studio flat. Each of you (four in total) will shoot for 5-10 minutes on a basic idea YOU want to shoot (portraits, moody duo shot) again- keeping with the theme but also giving you a 1-2-1 option. Please do bring props, ideas. This half an hour is all about you getting a very unique image for yourself from the event.

8:15-9:30 pm. We shoot out and about in Malmesbury. I will have pre-scouted a handful of great shoot locations.

Things to bring

We will be using mostly ambient light so lenses that can open up wide will be CRUCIAL. Ideally 2.8 minimum.

Tripods will be a bit restrictive, but please bring along if you wish.

Leave your fear of high ISO behind- embrace the grain! Wink

Sensible shoes, warm clothes

A rain coat

An umbrella (just incase)

A good team attitude. I have limited the spaces to FOUR to keep it about quality- not numbers. Please work together.

Spaces available:

Space one: SOLD

Space two: SOLD

Space three: SOLD

Space four:


Just £75 for three hours with two top models + on hand help/ advice/ refreshments. A £45 deposit will be required via bank transfer. 

Last bit of info:

I have hosted many themed events now and many night time shoots. They have always been hugely rewarding and really can add the WOW factor into your portfolio. If you have never tried a night time shoot before, do not fear. I can and will help you as much or as little as you want.

Here are some I made earlier to really give you a good idea of what can be achieved;

A black event

When the hunter becomes the hunted, it'll never end well ...


Saturday 27th October

On this day I will have access to part of this insane location;


I will have access to four parts of this amazing building;

1. A grand dining/ lounge/ hall

2. A library

3. An 800 year old Under Croft

4. The Gardens


Who/ When

There are going to be JUST four places available for this unique event.


10-12 SOLD

12:20-2:20 SOLD


5:20-7:20 SOLD


How much?

Places will be £190 for two hours. This includes two top models, styling and the fantastic location. Basic refreshments (water, biscuits) available. I can supply basic lighting too (continuous lighting) but do bring your of flash guns etc if you prefer. There are no plugs in the Under croft- I can try to get hold of a power cable long enough. 

£90 deposits required to book a place.



1. This event will be a SFW (safe for work event) I can probably work up to Lingerie levels but there will be no nude in the house.

2. The location is full of EXPENSIVE and very OLD trinkets- it's a family home so please please be careful of where you are leaning/ moving things etc :)


Some we made earlier;

Vampire stalks the detective, her unsuspecting prey

Roll Over Bram Stoker!

Night with the Vampire Queen


Looking forward to shooting with you next month,

Artemis and Darren...


I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have more than 9 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Bath, UK. Map