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Home » Casting calls » 1-2-1 Luxury trip to Portugal. November 2018. Professional model, villa, food, drinks, transport, locations, driver, chef...all included. Incredible 1-2-1 all-Inclusive photographic holiday!

1-2-1 Luxury trip to Portugal. November 2018. Professional model, villa, food, drinks, transport, locations, driver, chef...all included. Incredible 1-2-1 all-Inclusive photographic holiday! - NSFW

Artemis Fauna is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. Added 1535472981.

This casting is based around...
Faro District, Portugal which is Get directions
Portugal which is Get directions

This casting is closed.

This casting has expired.


I am heading back to Portugal in November and if it's anything like last year (fingers crossed) November and December were the best winter months for epic weather!

* This trip was sold out but sadly the photographer has gone quiet on me so I now have four days to fill back up! *

Available dates;

Tuesday 6th

Wednesday 7th

Thursday 8th

Friday 9th

In March this year I ran another successful 1-2-1 luxury trip to Portugal for a week. Staying with and working alongside IainT in his villa.

These smaller trips run smoothly alongside the incredible Luxury All-Inclusive trips IainT and I run twice a year... but the more, 'boutique' 1-2-1 shoots I arrange a few times a year are for those of you who don't mind paying a little bit extra to be the only photographer shooting me over the space of 2-7 days! 


All images in this C/C have been taken on the 1-2-1 trips abroad. To see more:


Picnic in the woods

Image by TobyJ


"Just returned from a trip abroad with Artemis. Although we've worked together many times this trip provided me with greater insight into the effort she puts into creating great individual images, sometimes in very testing situations. Likewise to the attention she gives to the planning of her luxury overseas photographic trips. Her attention to detail is something else. On top of all that of course she is great company. - RESPECT!!!!!!" Paul GH


From Mother Earth

Image by Paul GH Photography



6th November- 9th November (as booked from the 10th-15th)


The Villa...


What you get;

~Meet and greet at the airport (myself and Iain will collect you there)

~Driven to the villa

~Fresh food cooked every day. Three meals a day- pudding too!

~Drinks. Water, soda, wine, beer, G+T's. Whatever you like to drink we will have it.

~Your own room and en suite

~Luxury Villa

~Locations pre scouted (beaches, abandoned places etc)

~Up to 6 hours a day max shooting

~Themed shoots if you like

~All props and styling

~Studio lights and equipment

~On hand help from IainT if needed

~Great images, of course

~Driven back to the airport

You literally don't have to stress about anything from the moment you walk off the plane! #EPIC


HIde and seek in the woods

Image by TobyJ


How much for all that-??

£480 a day.

We keep costs as low as we possibly can. Sound a lot? Wellllll...To book most professional models per day will cost you £250-£300, that's in the UK. To fly one over, to book a villa, to find all the locations we already know about it time consuming, to buy all the food (or hire a chef) pay for the car hire- You are looking at a hellova LOT more than £480 a day... Wink 

Costs broken down (any extra days spent in the villa- not shooting me- just using the bed and full board services to... relax are £100pd) 

One day £480

Two days £960

Discount for 3+ days (£460pd)

Three days £1,380

Four days £1,840


Shapes in the doorway of the abandoned palace

Image by TobyJ


"I had an awesome 2 day 1-2-1 shoot with Artemis last weekend in the Algarve and it exceeded all my expectations. Planning was minimal, but I needn't have worried, Artemis had everything very well organised. I was collected from the airport and chauffeured around by IainT, who also cooked a selection of excellent food to order and was kind enough to hold a reflector when needed. Thank you very much IainT.

Shooting sets included, flower garden, villa surrounds, derelict palace, sunset balcony, beach and cliffs, pool and villa interior rooms. It was relaxed and yet incredibly productive, I had two of the most productive days shooting with Artemis that I think I might have ever had during a shoot! She is so versatile, every set with a different look and styling. We took HUNDREDS of brilliant images and had a great time in the process despite the heat.

It was with only two days and two nights and the time flew by. It was a super little luxury trip and I hope I can make on of the full length trips, as I felt I only scratched the surface of Algarve location shooting opportunities with Artemis!

Thank you so much Artemis!" TobyJ


Standing on the rocks

Image by TobyJ


Each day we will rise to the smell of our breakfast being cooked up and the fresh coffee. Breakfasts range from a Portuguese style fry up to yogurt/ fruit and freshly squeezed oranges.

We will spend the morning shooting and will then return to the villa for lunch. We will then head out again in the afternoon.


"We honestly couldn't have picked a better host, from the moment Iain picked us up at the airport to the moment he dropped us back to the airport he went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were catered for.

He cooked for us 3 times a day, took as out to fantastic locations he had researched and visited in preparation for our trip, he's great company and really is one of the nicest guys you could meet." Blofeld


The days are relaxed, but very productive- the best combination. If you want to be shooting 7am-7pm non stop...sorry, this won't be happening! We get an insane amount done in the time we have and cover a LOT of ground shoots/ styles wise. Our driver is also our chef so we all have to fit in with each other if we want our tasty dinner Wink

Some days we may have longer in the day time to 'relax' to catch the better (softer) light later on. I will have an exact plan of what we will do when you arrive in the villa. Just give me an idea of what kind of places you may like to visit and what styles you want to cover with me. I will sort it all for you.


Partners- If you want to bring a (non shooting partner) with you (or even a shooting one) PM me and we can discuss the extra costs of this privately and charge accordingly to fit your needs. Smile


The Crusher

Image by Paul GH Photography


Looking forward to hearing from you,

I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have more than 9 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Bath, UK. Map