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Working with me

Jay Jewell is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. Added 1535128337.

This casting is based around...
Ashchurch, Tewkesbury GL20, UK which is Get directions
Cheltenham, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK which is Get directions
Nottingham, UK which is Get directions


Hey there - thanks for clicking on the link. This is not a casting for anything specific, but just what to expect should you ever fancy working with me. To see a bunch of themes that I would like to shoot some time, click on this Pinterest link. A quick note regarding the locations I've listed: I live in Cheltenham, my studio is near Ashchurch, and my sister lives in Nottingham - whom I visit fairly regularly (hence its inclusion).



  • Comms - I personally don't mind which messaging platform we use, although I recommend as a model you stick with Purpleport emailing until you've worked with someone at least once.

  • Pinterest - You will need an account on here to work with me, as it's an awesome collaboration platform and will allow us to find the shots/poses we want to emulate on our shoot. Please follow my Pinterest account and I will reciprocate, allowing us to create a shared board we can both pin ideas to.

  • Levels - I rarely shoot anything other than fashion/cosplay, but nevertheless, it's important the boundaries are mentioned at the outset so that there are no surprises on the day; something I recommend you get into the habit of doing, rather than just agreeing to a shoot with no plan.


  • Chaperones - You are welcome to bring along someone if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you are under 18, I insist you are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, as a friend is not sufficient in this instance.

  • Expenses - I will cover your travel expenses in full.

  • Locations - If shooting at my studio I will provide snacks and refreshments (vegan). If we are shooting on location then I suggest we make our own arrangements. As you may have read elsewhere on my port, I have a disability that affects my mobility and will restrict the locations I can visit.

  • Duration - I'm pretty flexible, but a rough idea of this should be agreed upon beforehand. If you have other appointments on the day of our photoshoot, please make me aware of this beforehand so that I can manage our time accordingly. Whenever I agree to a studio shoot, I am assuming a minimum of 2 hours.

  • Cancellations - models cancel for a number of reasons; genuine emergencies, anxiety, or they've just been put off using Purpleport by the GWCs who frequent it. Now hopefully from looking at my portfolio & references I don't come off as one of those asshats, but if you've had some bad interactions with them prior to our first shoot together, I'd totally understand your reluctance to use the site any further. If you need to cancel, just say so - no explanations needed.

    Note: due to how my disability (RSMD) affects my lungs - if you have a cold, or fear you're coming down with one, we will need to reschedule sorry. In truth if you're unwell you're not going to feel like shooting anyway, but I know some people feel the need to soldier on through these things. Sadly it's not something I can risk, so please do tell me to save us both unnecessary journeys, as I will cancel the shoot if I turn up and it's obvious you've got a cold.


  • Proofs - I will get these back with you within 48 hours (most likely the same day of shoot).

  • Images - From the proofs I've sent you, I will then ask you to pick your favourites. I will process 3 images for every hour we shot together. As well as a copy of your favourites, I will give you a copy of mine too. I make no promises to how quickly you will get the processed images back, but I will return images to you as I do them, and would hope to have all the agreed images back to you within a fortnight.

  • Composites - These are the sorts of photos where I might add a background or do a lot of Photoshop work on the image. This can all be very time consuming and so just 1 of these will count as 2 images when you're picking your favourites above.

  • Post-production & Retouching - How much of this I do is entirely up to you?

    • Level 1 - Includes stuff like cropping, straightening, colour/light corrections, and tidying up background noise (I'll always do this as a minimum).

    • Level 2 - Includes simple removal of blemishes, scars (if desired), stretch and clothing marks, stray hairs etc.

    • Level 3 - Includes more extensive retouching of the skin, adding or adjusting makeup, some degree of bodysculpting if requested.

  • Format: You will receive one full-sized copy with no watermark suitable for printing and showing to agencies, and one copy resized for Purpleport, which will have my faint watermark on - I would request that you please use this version if posting on social media.

  • References - I will leave you one shortly after our shoot together, and will only prompt you for one in return once I have returned your images to you. Please note, the only way you would receive a bad reference from me is if I turned up to the studio/location and you were a No Show. I require models to contact me an hour or so before they set off to help mitigate this.

  • Copyright - I retain sole copyright, unless commissioned. I do not sell my photos, and you are prohibited from doing so too without my prior consent. I rarely request you sign a MRF as they carry very little legal weight in the UK, but if you are under 18, I will ask your parent to sign one as a precaution.


If I've missed answering a question you have, or you would like me to elaborate on something mentioned above, then just ping me a message and I'll happily do this for you.


Cheers, Jay


The small print: do you like Marmite? A strange question I know, but it shows me you've read the above (you'll be surprised how many don't), and helps me choose whom to work with if a casting has numerous applicants...

Jay JewellPhotographer

I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 3 years experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in Cheltenham, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. Map