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Male and Female models wanted for Photo Project - Free headshots on offer.

RwP Photo is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. Added 1534617103.

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Models wanted to collaborate on photo project. Gender, age, body type, race; all unimportant.


How do we see others?  What assumptions to we make and what do we base them on?  Their looks?  Their name?  Occupation?  Sex?  If you heard an intimate fact about a person, would you see them differently?

The Perceptions project asks the audience to face their own prejudices.

You enter an exhibition space and are faced a huge number of images:

  • 100 men and women, each an individual; hair, make-up and expression presented as they wish to appear.
  • 100 images of genitals, both male and female, belonging to the 100 faces.
  • 100 signatures, each as individual as the faces and genitals.

Can you match these images up?  Do you try to?

As you ponder the images you see that they are interspersed with facts and statistics that apply to the 100 people you are considering.  Statistics about their attitudes and beliefs, lifestyle and experiences.

Finally, you hear each name, spoken individually by the models themselves.

Do you feel you know these people, perhaps you do but can you match up all the things you’ve been given?  If you knew which pictures matched up with the names and statistics would that affect your attitudes towards them?

It’s all about perceptions.

What you’re letting yourself in for if you agree to be a part of the Perceptions Project


            This is a standard 10x8’’ head and shoulders shot.  Wear your hair and make-up as you normally would. If you normally wear glasses, please wear them for the picture.  You will be posed in a style that you feel reflects your personality and shows the “real you”.  You may wear any clothes you like to wear for this pic.

            These pictures will be exhibited individually.


            This is a 10x8’’ colour shot of your genital area.  The pic will be taken straight-on and will encompass the area from just below your navel (bellybutton) to mid-thigh.  The image will then be cropped to centre your genitals in the frame.  You do not have to undress fully for these shots; simply expose the area being photographed.  You will be asked to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for one shot and then feet together for the second (this is to allow the choice when finalising the exhibition).

These pictures will be exhibited individually but not matched to the first.


            This will be your standard signature on a white sheet of paper which will be scanned and resized to postcard size.

These will be exhibited individually.


            You will be asked to say your name for recording.  This is the name by which you are known.  This can be a nickname only if that is how you are known by the majority of people who know you but you will also be asked to supply your full legal name for records and release.

All names will be presented as an audio loop.


            You will be asked your occupation.  This is your main means of income (how you pay the bills).  Please do not give as your occupation as what you aspire to be (actor, burlesque star, singer etc) unless this is your main job - there's a chance to answer that in the questionnaire.

These will be exhibited on a list.


            You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire.  This can be done either on an iPad at the shoot or online later or before.  Some of the questions will be quite personal so answering each is optional.  Most answers will be a simple yes or no or a multiple choice.  Please be as honest as possible when answering the questions.  Your name will not be attached in any way to the questionnaire to preserve your anonymity.

The compiled answers from all the questionnaires will be presented as individual anonymous statistics.


This project is unpaid but any travel expenses will be reimbursed.  I travel up and down the UK a great deal so I'm happy to come to you and shoot in your home, studio or elsewhere.

I'm happy to offer a free headshot to anyone who agrees to be a part of the project. You will have to sign a release so that the images can be exhibited in a gallery and there may be a book if I can seal the deal with an interested publisher.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!  You rock.


RwP PhotoPhotographer

I am a part time photographer and have more than 18 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Glasgow, UK. Map