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Possibly My Last Year Of Touring - Taking bookings for the rest of the year - NSFW

Helen Stephens is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. Added 1534240708.

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This casting starts on Monday, August 20th 2018 and expires on Wednesday, May 1st.


Depending how my plans go, I may be stopping touring for good come May 2019. Although I may still be doing local shoots, touring further than 2 hours away from my home in Portsmouth may not be possible. 

(By the way, I'm not unwell, just a change of life plans!) 

Therefore, from now on, I'll be taking bookings and arranging shoots up until April 2019 - so if you'd like me to arrange a tour to your area, now is the time to book!

About me: I've been modelling way over a decade, I'm agency-signed, published and exhibited worldwide and incredibly versatile. I can adapt myself to pretty much any genre up to nude, tasteful erotic and various fetishes. Collectively, I have over 400 positive references to my name (and that's not including the shoots I've been booked for independently by various fetish/glamour websites, word-of-mouth and through my agency!). 

I'm enthusiatic, reliable, punctual and passionate. Also, I love working with photographers with all levels of experience - so please don't be shy if you're new/lacking in confidence regarding model photography! I'm also a photographer myself, so I'm patient and happy to give any lighting/camera advice if requested.

Rates: My rates are reflective of my 10+ years of experience, my professionalism, reliability and geniune passion for my work

Per hour: £45

Half day (up to 4 hours): £160

Full day (up to 8 hours): £300

Prices include travel costs up to £10 for a a half day's booking and £20 for a full days booking - from where ever I'm based at that time - so book me in your area and I'll arrange a tour to keep travel costs down! I do charge ever-so-slighty more for certain fetishes like spanking shoots, this is purely due to possible marks being left and may need to be organised for the end of a tour.

So message me if you'd like to book me at some point over the next few months... 'Cos it could be your last chance!

Much love, 

Helen Stephens

(Kinda wanting to tour Ireland before I go -  also to return to Scotland around November and again in April. Also Manchester/Liverpool Area once more... but I'm open to your bookings :) )

Ripper Alley

I'm a 32yr old Female, full time model and have more than 11 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Portsmouth, UK. Map