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Paid Lingerie/Boudoir.

Jenny James is looking to pay a model for this casting. It's based around London, UK Added 1531435439.

This casting is closed.

This casting starts on Sunday, August 12th 2018.


Hey Ladies,

Please read properly!

I'm opening this casting on my model profile so that you know who your talking to, as a pose to my photography page as i haven't really used it very much. 

I am looking for two girls to shoot lingerie and wedding boudoir on separate shoots, to promote my wedding boudoir photography and video business. This is something i have been interested in for a long time and as you can see from my portfolio have also shot most of my career. I recently completed a diploma in film and TV production and within that discovered my forte really was in film and camera work, therefore i began to combine everything i know and make plans.

The shoot will be both stills and video, but very relaxed not regimented, all will be very tasteful and beautiful, some will be tasteful and a little more sexy, but not vulgar. 

I am looking for- 

Any sized model, absolutely no preference at all, were all different. My lingerie collection is mostly 32D, and size 12 bottoms, thats if we were to use it.  

Preferably long hair just so we have something to work with and change per shot. 

Someone who takes care of themselves, by this just nice nails, looks after there skin. 

No patchy tan, it's ok as long as its natural. 

Either new or experienced. 

And most of all, easy to get on with, i absolutely wont tolerate drama queens. 


The shoot will take place at my place, around the second week of August (when i get back from beefa!) and in the day, i have a beautiful house in central east London, along with my entire wardrobe and lingerie collection, tea (always important), and if you like cats my kitty will be around, and I have a parking space, in our own car park don't you know! 

I will be get a makeup artist IF you want one. I prefer doing my own makeup so if you can do your own and would prefer that, thats fine. One thing i will get is a hair stylist because its more productive. 

Please send me your rates. I have a budget so don't be offended if i say its too much. I totally respect your rate of pay because I'm always in the same boat. I will contribute half to travel, something i do as a model. 

With regards to the pictures, you can have the ones i edit no problem, I'm not touchy about that at all, just make sure you tag me so people know who took it. I also don't do massive ridiculous water marks that some photographers do to distroy pictures, mine are practically see through. 

Speak soon,


I'm a 28yr old Female, full time model and have more than 12 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in London, UK. Map