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Need a MUA to collaborate with in July (sorry, no budget!)

Millie Clinton Photographer is looking for a make-up artist to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Faversham ME13, UK Added 1531066370.

This casting is closed.

I've got a really exciting shoot this month that I've been planning for a while. I don't have an exact date yet as it'll be with 2 or 3 models, still trying to co-ordinate diaries! But I do intend to do it this month, most likely on a Saturday. 

I am a Law student and hobbyist/freelance photographer on the side, this is all just for fun and a chance to get creative, so apologies but I have no budget. I cannot even afford to cover travel costs so please bear that in mind when getting in touch. Hopefully though this will be a nice chance to do a bit of networking and build your portfolio! I'm not the kind of photographer that only ends up with 10 photos or less - I always have a good bulk in the 'final set'. 

I'll be putting together a bistro set up in a private location, to try and emulate a pretty Parisian-esque cafe with my models 'dining' alfresco! My work is cinematic and filmic, with a retro vibe thanks to using 35mm & 120mm film - the finished results will look like a snapshot out of a classic film! I've never really been into mood boards, it's just not the way my brain works, but I've put one together that I'm happy to share with you if you'd like. 

I usually do models make up myself (not a MUA, just a make up enthusiast!) but because there'll be a couple of models, I'm looking for a MUA to come in and lend a hand to save on time. I am a big fan of beautiful, perfected glowing skin with otherwise minimal eye make up, and a classic red lip. Either way the focus will be beautiful skin, so need a MUA that shares the love of a natural looking glow. 

Thanks so much in advance - sorry again that I wouldn't be able to afford to compensate you for your time, but my photo shoots are generally a nice time! 

I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 8 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Kent, UK. Map