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Beauty Shoot or Indoor Daylight Shoot Essex Area TF Tomorrow

GlossyPinkLipstick G.P.L is looking for a model to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Harlow, Essex, UK Added 1525521028.

This casting has expired.

Casting Theme:Beauty Shoot


Date: Tomorrow Local to Me

Time: 10am start till 3ish.

Location or Indoors: Travel to you and shoot Indoors

Place: You must have a place to shoot from

Pay: None

Expenses: None

Model: Requirements: Model who can do huge hair backcombed or however it's done.

Topless & Nudity Required: Beauty


Body Hair: prefer frontal nudity

Shoes: Probably not

OTHER: Happy to shoot other stuff for you as well on the day.


Everyone has a great image inside them and it's up to me to find it. It would make me very happy to have been part of finding a great model. Maechalangelo is reported to have said " the masterpiece was always inside the block of stone, I just chipped away the little pieces to find it". You are my block of stone!

I try to inspire every woman to be beautiful regardless of thier size, age, body type, and have no regard for so called "saggy boobs" or otherwise. The great painters did not paint unnatural women, use "agency standard" models or get hung up with ambiguity.

Shooting is to me is a creative love and eternal passion, I don't do it for the money, or the glory so I always give 110%


I don’t ask for pay or generally offer pay and mostly shoot by collaboration.

ALL my castings are T.F generally and I try to make this plain. If you’re a general pay only model but interested in shooting then please confirm you understand my terms before we go too far. If I wish to pay I will cast for it or ask you.

I don't pay for expenses and neither do I ask for them and If I want to pay I will post a casting so please don't send me your rates, if I want to pay I will ask for your rates.

 UNDER 18's~


I will shoot under 18's ONLY with a PARENT or Legal Guardian present and a model release signed. No-One else will do and this is a legal requirement in the UK and don't let ayone else tell you otherwise. I also find it useful if the parent does not watch my every move whilst sitting on the stairs for 3 hours. (Yes that really happened!)



I will shoot almost anyone regardles of age size or anything else.

"Real" women have stretch marks and flaws and I have no issue with shooting them and can generally edit them by agreement.

If you consider yours to be a particular issue best tell me in advance and I can see what I can do. Photoshop is great but only as good as the user so depends if I can skillfully edit them. If your wrinkles need ironing then best we talk first.

If you consider yourself to have "Saggy" boobs these are not an issue as long as you dont have to lift your skirt up to flash them!.

Natural Boobs should be teardropped and anything other is a "beautiful freak" -As long as they are on your chest they photograph well.


 Always like shooting new models and no references is not an issue.


 I am a serious semi-professional.



 I can shoot in a small space with a plain wall of any colour.

I can shoot anywhere and despite what you think everyone has space but it may not be possible to shoot certain styles and shots.

 Dont worry about the light that’s my job and I have all the gear.

I have shot across the top of a sofa in a bedsit and got great fashion topless shot against a plain wall in a tight alcove. I can only shoot full length if i can get 20ft back from you which mostly does not happen.


On the day I try to arrive at every shoot around 10 am depending on traffic and I use a Sat-Nav. That way you get your beauty sleep and so do me (for me it's a lost cause though).


 I prefer to work at your home.

I don't want to invade your personal space to case the joint, steal your One Direction collection or rummage through your knicker draw. All I need is a space whether it be your Living Room, Bedroom, Garage, Outbuilding, Jacuzzi (threw that in just in case), or any suitable area I can use. Friends’ houses, barns or buildings are fine.

The only time I will use a studio is if you borrow it or pay for it yourself.

I don't go halves but if you wish to book a hotel that's fine.


 A sat-nav is useful for me so when I ask for address I need the whole deal including postcode. If parking is an issue or by permit please let me know as I don't like leaving my car at risk and I have a lot of gear which is heavy and expensive, to move about and bring to you.

Also if you live in a flat please state which floor and if there is a lift for the same reasons.

The only time I wont travel is in Heavy snow as it once took me 4 hours from Romford to Home which is 17 miles. Wont make that mistake again.

If your in central london I will take the train and travel light with limited kit just need a wall in your place to plonk you against.

Normally I will travel around 2 hours at my expense to shoot you check your "Directions" link to see where I am.


Generally my availability is shown on my purpleport diary. If you can do a free date please get in touch.


 You will see Sundays are my shoot day and I lob in occasional Saturdays (family Day) so not often.

 Do not be deterred by how far I book in advance, I always have days open up and such is the nature of this stuff. I will do my utmost to find you a convenient shoot date.


 Ok Here goes I can always work with these items:

Always Always Always lip gloss- it causes catchlights on the lips





On shoots I always consider your welfare with regards to breaks, if your cold and so on.

I will not invade your space and I am not a touchy feely type guy. I will only shake your hand if offered in order to respect your space.

I use plain language and I am straight forward I prefer to use correct terminology rather than mess about.


See My Albums -That's what I shoot!

I have NO hang-ups but I don't shoot porn or open leg.

I appreciate the human form and have no issues with bodies of all shapes and sizes I just dont shoot those bits.

You wont shock me in anything you say or do and I don't judge models that have an alternate life.

My simple equation for shooting, you dont pay for any images and I dont pay for any levels.

If that is not your style then pass me by please. 

Most issues arise around levels and what is agreed then being changed.(Level Pushing) so I  will ask what levels you shoot to and ask for clarity if required.

I use lingo that we both understand and if you’re shy about discussing Nudity then maybe you shouldn't be doing it! 

Once levels are agreed then I will not move the goalposts and I do not expect you to either. ON A couple of shoots models have dropped their agreed levels whilst I was on site which is rather infuriating.


Partners and chaperones welcome-PROVIDING they are supportive and enjoy your modelling.

If they are a jealous, muscle-bound, Neanderthal (That includes women), I would prefer you to decline shooting with me as I quite like my face in it's current format.

If we shoot they may sit on the sofa and watch although they will probably end up as my assistant.

MUA’s & Body Painting:  Only 2 Muas have never let me down last minute having booked with more than 10.

I dont have an MUA as such however I have no issues if you wish to have one attend.

A few points to note at least from my perspective.

I wont pay "makeup usage" that's not collaborating.

They will get images and I will tailor images for MUA usage. MUA will be creditied. MUA gets no expenses

Happy to run with an MUA's creations and designs and happy for a shoot to be totally MUA led if you wish.

I have beauty editing skills now so can retouch close up work.


100% Positive and I fully intend to keep it that way! Please contact a model directly if you’re not sure. Email any model in my list of Refs if you believe that somehow 200+ written comments and no negative references is in someway not reflective of my work or behaviour.

I have been seriously shooting models for 6+ years and completed over 600 shoots.


I use Light room and Photoshop and always try and flatter you, whatever the shoot is! I always send you edited images.

I won’t give you them straight from camera on the day either, that's not a finished photo!

I normally use Drop-box to send you're images that way there are no issues with email sizes.


I tend to choose all the images for edit as I find it long winded and tiresome bouncing contact sheets up and down the internet. 

Me - I find email Ping-Pong tiresome.

If you want to choose I am happy for you to select if your patient.


I am reliable and expect you to be therefore if I have not managed to talk to you in advance about the shoot I will rebook I use what’s app generally and will expect quick slick responses.


I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 10 years experience. I work for trade.

I'm based in Harlow, Essex, UK. Map