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bit ambitious perhaps on this miserable bank holiday but anyone out there up for [potentially] doing some impromptu shoot?

Rachael Fiona is looking for a photographer or a model to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Bournemouth, UK Added 1522667775.

This casting has expired.

hiii :)

hope everyone's enjoying this standardly bright n cheerful bank holiday.. 'sunday'..pt 4

It may be, as i said above- a bit ambitious all things considered, i.e. the weather/ therefore need to acquire a venue  (could brave it though.) ... the fact easter it's sunday [pt 4] and most of you will be with family/ winding down ready to return to work.. and just cos really any same day casting, on any normal day even is  difficult to pull off, plus other stuff public transport issues etc. today which could put a spanner in it too.

But (to get to the point!) i'm at a loose end today once again, to such an extent that have taken the plunge to post this , my 2nd ever casting (get stage fright posting them usually!) Am in one of those rare moods where you just madly crave doing a shoot. Got have no real preference as to what style/ concept or any real limitations or what i'd willingly try, as always generally but more than ever today. so please.. help me make the most of this window of opportunity! Lol, it wont be long before it's firmly shut for the next week. to two maybe month. maybe. Am feeling especially artistic/ expressive, also would say at my maximum level flexibility on this hyper one im in. if that's of any use/ interest to anybody..

so yeah im not holding out a whole lot of hope as it stands! however if you're a tog who could make my wish come true and want to get on something today please do shout me :) ASAP obviously. could be ready from lunchtime onwards (throughout rest of day too, if anyone sees this later on.) any other models in the same boat even give me a shout if you like, and wanna join forces in this quest i'd be well up for that.  with your help who knows may even get this off the ground haha

Look forward to maybe hearing from you :) 

x Rachael

I'm a 32yr old Female, part time model and have more than 6 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Bournemouth, UK. Map