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Patterns, patterns, crazy patterns!

Russ FTL is looking for a model or a designer to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Bickenhill, West Midlands B92 0EH, UK Added 1514491539.

This casting has expired.

Update from the last casting
I've found even more car crash busy patterned clothing/material from sorting through old bags ready for when we move, so there's even more to work with now in terms of side ideas.  However for me the biggie would be to still have a bespoke outfit made from some material to play off of it's self (or varient of).  Of course i welcome any ideas and patterned clothing of your own too.  See below for more info :)

Hey hey

We're in the middle of sorting and packing and i've found several runs of material i would like to use.  I've been thinking about doing a crazy patterns narrative for a while with a fashion vibe which would involve either/and/or clashing, camouflaging (not as in army camo) and abstract.  I've got a bunch of reference material for a mood board and to better describe it visually.  However getting clothes to match a backdrop with enough runs of a pattern would be a completely bespoke buy and/or build.  Rather than do both, I think the material i've found will work well for what i envision, plus i have some others we can use different on the day with out the need for a needle.  It doesn't need to be Versace as they'd be a that slight kitsch vibe about camouflaging somewhat against it's self anyways, it just needs a good shape and neat.  I was thinking trousers and jacket or skirt and jacket.  Something simple.  You can add pockets if you like, or fake pockets.

If you fancy it, HMU.  Ideally quite local so we can meet can exchange the material as it'll be atleast as cheap as sending by post and i'm kinda up against the clock in the midlands between packing and getting in some last min collabs before the big move.

As some quick references:

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