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Last shoots of the year: lets make some finishing corkers! Beautiful locations, a versatile model: sign off 2017 with a creative bang!

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Good morning everyone!

So we enter the last few days of 2017: what will you be doing? Preparing for a massive party, chilling out with the snacks that remain from Christmas? Or would you care to pick up your camera for one last time this year and point it at a highly versatile, experienced and energetic artistic model who will deliver all the creative hard work welcomed to end 2017 with a productive bang!

I am conscious I have spent a lot of time travelling this year which has been truly wonderful, but it has also meant I have not been as readily available in my local area to shoot. Hence, whilst I am always delighted to travel further afield: I've created this casting to reach out to the local areas and welcome my creative neighbours to produce some magic on the last few days we have left before 2018 is upon us... It sounds all very apocalyptic doesn't it! :P

A good 90% of my shoots with hobbyist/amateur photographers involve the photographer encouraging me to give as much input creatively as I am willing to and being an active part of the ideas process, not everyone can come up with ideas on the spot so I am always delighted to help even though it is technically "their shoot." And as such... I am going to lay out some ideas so those getting in touch can have a little inspiration about what they could potentially shoot when booking Keira:

*Ice queen of the great lagoon...
It could be Ice queenie, or it could be poison ivy.. or whatever other spectacular look would go with the location (an impressive waterfall very close to my home). I'm a makeup artist and a hair stylist as well as a model... so whilst the typical art nude/paddling about in the water may not be the cleverest plan at this time of year, there is no reason at all why we couldn't do something elaborately styled/partially clothed with the falls in the background or even at the top (I still climb things in all weather!) I've hoarded masses of stuff/loose materials and cheap outfits which do need to go: and though on their own they wouldn't suit the look or style: pinned and moulded together could make an exceptionally impressive skirt or headdress. it doesn't matter if they get wrecked too. Then picture the crystallised eyes, lip detail and hair sculpted like it's frozen. Yes I could do all of this, I'm not just writing a novel. :D The waterfall is quiet normally anyway so probably even more so over the next couple of days.

*Flying wood nymphs...
The classic wood nymph would usually involve the little art nude poses perched in various places within a woody environment, but what about a flying/aerial nymph with wing-like motion literally gracing through the air from one swing to the next? I have (again) a very nice local location with no shortage of trees for this very concept... at the time of year the woodland is bleak and life-less but that is in fact the perfect setting to execute such an idea because you can play around with colour and styling to contrast and create something extraordinary. Please take a look at my profile: I am very good at climbing things to get to places that are normally out of reach and I can also bend my body in eye-busting ways. I didn't just dream that I could do this. :P

*Bath time beauty/body-scapes in the sun...
My place is currently undergoing some construction/re-furbing which makes the majority of the rooms not ideal to use at the moment... But there remains two definite rooms that would be still totally accommodating - the main bedroom which has natural light for body-scapes like it was made for it... and also the bathroom. Obviously the sultry shower set has worked time and time again with the pretty mosaic tiles in the background. But again, getting the creative cap on (you would be booking a creative model, make use of it. :D) ...Underwater dynamic Avant Garde' portraits. Yes I can open my eyes underwater and yes do innovate styling that would withstand getting wet.

I'm reliable, deliver good quality poses and the very look you see within my photos: toned, natural and tattoo/enhancement free. I'll bring chocolate too and a jolly rapport to get us off to a fabulous start of a shoot to end the year. :)

My rates are still cracking value for the sheer adaptability and professionalism I promise: £40ph (2-3 hours), £150 (4 hours) or £250 (8 hours). Covering fashion to frontal nude (location dependant).

Yes I listed a whole host of ideas, but I'm not demanding that is what we do. I am simply relaying suggestions that I do on a vast proportion of my bookings already because as I say: many of the shoots I do the photographers ask me if I have any ideas. Some also feel scared to enquire because they feel they should be presenting some big/well-thought plan to me and it's not the case at all. I am a creative team-member and it's my job to help. If you want to sit there like a sack of potatoes in a studio whilst you adjust the lights and follow direction completely... I am happy to do that too! :P

Fire away guys! There's only two days left!

Keira x


I'm a 29yr old Female, full time model and have more than 10 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. Map