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New Year New Home (setting it up to shoot from and lots to play with)!

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I'm going to be back in Farnborough, Hampshire after 4 years in Brighton! 

Long story but someone we know has given us a very lovely deal on a large house so there will be lots of space to set it up for shooting purposes! 

I'm very excited! 

I will be in there on the 28th December and will be setting the place up so expect photos of it in the new year. 

There will be 3 bedrooms to shoot in, a lovely natural light conservatory (for the first 4 months before building work is done on it) and a large living room area with lots of natural light. 


You can see some examples of my current flat as this will be the same style of furniture in the house (rustic shabby chic and vintage stuff such as lovely metal day bed, typewriter, vintage suitcases, lots of indoor plants in the conservatory and even a vintage deckchair!) to give you an idea:


So I'm just putting this out there now to see if anyone is interested in shooting from my new home in Farnborough in the new year or if you'd like me to message you with photos when it's all set up. 


I'll have one bedroom with some nice white bedding on for lifestyle lingerie stuff (please look at my port and levels!). Plus I might buy a lovely white netting hanging bed canopy to go with the day bed.


I also have a huge black backdrop and literally a set that RajK built as well as seen in The Detactive (the textured wall and table he built and we will have there set up in a room):


Lots to play with! I'm excited! 

Let me know if it gives you some inspiration and you want to shoot with me in the new place! 

Btw I do drive so if you want to shoot at a location around Hampshire somewhere then hit me up as well :)


I'm a 30yr old Female, full time model and have more than 13 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Northampton, UK. Map