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Dark conceptual Scotland photo tour!

Stephanie Pearl Photography is looking to be paid by a studio for this casting. Added 1511185430.

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This casting has expired.

Dearest creatives!

I am finally taking my art to another country (yaaaay!). I will be driving up to Scotland to take some photographs of a beautiful client. However, I would love to create with more people whilst I am up in the north. I am offering my art services to you. I will be bringing lots of weird and wonderful things with me to shoot with. I can tailor a shoot to your wants and needs or I can simply turn you into art. Let us collide and craft!

I will be bringing smoke bombs, designer outfits, props and books full of ideas!

The price of art:

  • My photoshoots start from £125 plus expenses.
  • My other clients will be splitting the travel cost. So far I only have one, so if you want to book me whilst I'm already coming up to Scotland, the petrol cost goes from £200 to £100. If three people book me from this casting then the travel cost is only £50 each.

Let the creativity demons run wild!!

Stephanie Pearl

I am a full time photographer and have more than 8 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Brixton, London, UK. Map