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A Special offer to new photographers... or if you're just new to Purpleport!

RebeccaSophia is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Guildford, UK Added 1510936637.

This casting has expired.

A special offer for those of you that are either new to model photography, or just in need of a few bits to start your portfolio!

What am I offering?

A 2 hour slot one to one, with myself, either at mine or out and about.

The first hour will consist of talking to one another, about any questions that you may have regarding the photo shoot process (e.g talking to models, booking shoots, what to ask before a shoot, what to say/not to say to a model). This will be a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have when it comes to models, or the whole process of booking and working with us. I'm very thick skinned and do not take offense easily, so you're welcome to ask me anything!

The second hour would be doing an actual shoot (the levels I will work to will depend on where we have met), this will be for yourselves, and you can use these images to start your portfolio if you want to.

Why am I offering this?

I have worked with many photographers that have never worked with a model before. They've told me how scary it can be to initially contact a model to book a shoot, let alone meet up with them and talk to them in person. They were worried about saying the wrong thing and offending them, not saying enough and not getting the images that they were setting out to get, or even just not booking the right model for the job!

I want to help new photographers avoid the initial awkwardness, to be prepared to start doing photo shoots comfortably and confidently.

What will I have gained by the end of my 2 hours?

  • You will have done your first ever shoot with a model (if it's your first time of course)
  • If you hadn't had any already, you will have new images to start off your portfolio
  • You will receive a reference from myself, which will make it easier for you in the future to book new models (a lot of models will not work with photographers without any references).
  • You will have learned more about how to approach, book and shoot models, without having to worry about offending them.

How much are you charging for this?

Anyone who wants to shoot I shall be asking for £40 for the two hours! (Usual price £70 for two hours, bargain no?) Smile

I have already previously offered this before. Please look at my references from Vernon Nash, Sideshow Matt and Steve9 for references relating to this offer :)

Dates for this offer:

I am currently setting aside these dates specifically for these shoots:

Monday 20th November

Wednesday 22nd November

Thursday 23rd November

Thursday 30th November

Saturday 2nd December

Please let me know when applying which date would be ideal for you :)

I may put up additional dates if these dates do not suit anyone.

I look forward to hearing from you all again!


When the photographer wont stop making you smile


I'm a 25yr old Female, part time model and have more than 5 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Guildford, UK. Map