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Lighting events with Amie Boulton at MAP Studios!

Chris Conway is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Loughborough LE11 5DF, UK Added 1506279970.

This casting has expired.

This is going to be a busy 4 days...

The good people of Loughborough have spoken, so I will be trekking up to MAP Studios with posing machine Amie Boulton for the 2nd time for a whole host of different photographic events!

All of the events here will contain different content, so for that reason we're also offering discount when you book on to more than one, simply go to the bookings page and tick the boxes that appeal to you and a discounted price will be calculated!

For those in the loop, you may have heard that MAP have ventured out in to a new studio space, bigger and better of course. So we will be utilising all of the new space during our time there.

Group Shoots (3 hours - £60)
This is something that we run regularly in Plymouth with great success, so now we take them on tour! We're steadily returning photographer's faith in this type of event by offering plenty of 1 on 1 shooting time. After we've created each lighting set-up, the 6 attending photographers will all have a few minutes to take shots of Amie on each one. If you can work at Amie's steady pace then you'll comfortably leave with several hundred high quality images.

Lighting Essentials Workshop (4 hours - £90)
Open to 6 photographers, this short course is designed to get you shooting in the studio with the absolute fundamental lighting knowledge that every photographer should have. We will cover a huge amount of content in 4 hours, and you will get a little bit of time to photograph Amie as we make changes for your own reference. You can genuinely go from your first time in the studio to being quite proficient with lighting in just 4 hours.

Gel Lighting Workshop (4 hours - £90)
This workshop runs in the same way as the group shoots, but with some education thrown in to the mix! Although anyone can attend this, we do recommend it to photographers with a bit of studio experience, or for those also attending the lighting essentials workshop above. I will create 5 varied gel lighting set-ups - using different techniques to show just how diverse this type of lighting can be whilst teaching along the way, then everyone gets a chance to photograph Amie on each set.

1-2-1 Lighting Tuition (3 hours - £215 including studio hire)
Lighting tuition, tailored to you! The direction of the lesson is dictated by your current portfolio, your lighting experience and any particular areas you'd like to cover. The fundamentals are always covered first, and after that it's different for everyone. This can take a first-timer in the studio up to a good standard of lighting, or a studio regular up to advanced and creative techniques to impress your mates down the pub. Throughout the tuition, Amie will be throwing shapes so you can focus on what you're doing whilst getting some great images for you portfolio at the same time.

More information and online booking is on this link: studiohireplymouth.co.uk/events/events-with-amie-boulton-at-map-studios/

But please contact me if you have any questions at all :) It's going to be a good'un!

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