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Location lighting events with Amie Boulton and Chris Conway at Kings Western House

Chris Conway is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Kings Weston Ln, Bristol BS11 0UR, UK Added 1506116197.

This casting has expired.

On Sunday October 22nd, myself and @Amie Boulton will be spending a full day in the diverse and beautiful Kings Weston House in Bristol! There will be both a portfolio builder and a location lighting workshop run on the same day. The content for the portfolio builder and workshop will be different, so we're also offering a little bit of discount for anyone that would like to join us on both!

Lighting Workshop (10am-2pm - £120)
Our workshops start with an informal lesson to go through some essential lighting theory and then we move on to creating 5 varied lighting set-ups - putting that theory in to practice by combining different techniques in to each one whilst teaching along the way.

We will mostly focus on using studio lighting outside of the studio and how to balance that flash with the available ambient light in ways that will satisfy both the technical and non-technical photographers out there! Although we will be using the big studio lighting heads for convenience and speed - the techniques apply to all other flash sources such as speedlites as well.

After we've created each lighting set-up, the 6 attending photographers will all have a few minutes to take shots of Amie on each one. If you can work at Amie's steady pace then you'll comfortably leave with several hundred high quality images.

Portfolio Builder (3pm-6pm - £80)
These events run in the same way as our lighting workshops, but without any kind of tuition - so it's all about getting great images for your portfolio. We're steadily returning photographer's faith in this type of event by offering plenty of 1 on 1 shooting time across a diverse and creative range of sets.

Both Events (10am-6pm £190)
Join us on the portfolio builder and lighting workshop with a little bit of discount! There will be an hour lunch break between the events for you (and us!) to catch a breather.

More information and online booking is on this link: studiohireplymouth.co.uk/events/events-with-amie-boulton-at-kings-weston-house/

But please contact me if you have any questions at all :) It's going to be a good'un!

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