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Lighting Masterclass - Leicester

Appleton Photo Training is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Leicester, UK Added 1484592476.

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Lighting Masterclass


21st January 2017

The Masterclass

Lighting Masterclass – the ultimate lighting resource for photographers

In this brand new one-day photographic course, you will learn absolutely everything Andrew Appleton knows about light – he’s holding nothing back. Variously tagged ‘The Lighting Ninja’ and the ‘Go-to man for lighting’, Andrew has poured all his extensive knowledge of this complex and critical subject into a single well-structured, photographer-friendly package. It will be a full day packed with information and there will be opportunities throughout the day to ask questions. In addition, you will take away with you a workbook, detailing everything Andrew has covered in the session.

In this, the very first APT Masterclass of the series, you will learn how to take that perfect image in your mind’s eye, light it and faithfully reproduce it. During the day, Andrew will share with you the  experience he has accumulated over the year on the following lighting options:

  • Speedlights
  • Studio Flash
  • Constant Artificial Light
  • Natural Light

The Lighting Masterclass has been carefully structured to help you get the most out of the day. Ultimately, it’s about giving you the tools to maximise the opportunities that different light sources offer, whilst also equipping you to handle the challenges. It’s about turning light to your advantage, about manipulating the photographer’s most valuable resource, whatever the situation.

Part I The Basics of Light

The introductory session will explore the basic but essential principles: how the size of the light source and the inverse square law are fundamental to understanding light; how the reflective nature of the surface you are lighting influences your decisions and the critical roles of white balance, temperature and tint.

Part II Getting Technical

Building on Part I, this section covers the technical side of photographic lighting. You will benefit from all Andrew knows about how to work with the following light sources:

  • Speedlights, both on and off camera in manual and TTL mode
  • Studio flashes, including the difference between high speed flash and high speed sync
  • Constant artificial light, including tungsten and LED
  • Natural light in all its diversity – not just the ‘Golden Hour’ but adverse light condition (e.g. midday sun or winter gloom)

Part III The Practical Demonstration

In this final stage of the day, you will watch a demonstration of specific lighting set-ups, using on and off camera speedlights and studio flashes with a variety of different modifiers. Andrew will also show you a range of lighting patterns for portraiture.

If you are an intermediate or advanced photographer who really wants to crack lighting, the APT Lighting Masterclass offers you all the tools you need. If you invest in one lighting course this year, make it this one.


The Location

The workshop takes place at Biscuit Studios, Leicester. 

The Event

The workshop runs between 10am - 5pm on the 21st January 2017. At Biscuit Studios, Leicester. The cost of this Masterclass is £99 per person. And is limited to a maximum of 30 delegates. Members of the Guild of Photographers qualify for a 10% discount on this workshop via a discount code. For information please contact steve@andrewappleton.com


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