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Water Splash, Milk, Powder shoot - Milton Keynes - Saturday 31st Dec - 10am-2pm - Uniquecapture - Paid or TF

Uniquecapture Studio is looking to pay a model for this casting. It's based around Heathfield, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes MK12 6HP, UK Added 1482932975.

This casting has expired.

If would you like a creative water, milk, powder splash shot or two in your portfolio?  Then check out our portfolio/websites and read on if you like what you see....  

We have some new set's, lights and techniques in the Uniquecapture Studio that we would like to try out.  Our aim is test the limitations of the equipment/sets and at the same time create one or two "wow" shots worthy of publication from each set.

It is rare that we get a chance to do non commercial work, so you must be fun and reliable as we do not want to waste this opportunity.  We do not have a specific look/style in mind so you could be male, female, short, tall, large or small as long as you have a unique look that we can work with.  However, you must be happy getting covered in water, milk, powder etc.  

You should be comfortable being semi nude in the studio due to the way the shots are captured, but it is unlikely that any of the images will contain anything that is not facebook friendly.  It is certainly not a glamour shoot, so if you have a wardrobe of elegant dresses, or headpieces or latex or something different that would be an advantage.  Equally if you are amazing at doing your own hair/makeup/styling then definately apply

I am a full time commercial photographer, details about our studio can be seen below, but if you need more info about what we shoot and the brands we work with on a daily basis please visit our website at www.commercialproduct.photography  We shoot with medium format cameras tethered to a 27 inch screens so that you can see the images as they are being captured.

If you like the sound of this shoot and are available this Saturday morning 10am-2pm (time and day is fixed) then please reply with the details about why the images we would create with you would be unique and publishable.  

Please do not simply reply with "available" or "interested" as we will definitely not respond.

It's a 4 hour shoot so I would hope to achieve aprox 4 "wow" images not 50 shots that all look the same!  I am happy to pay, do part pay/TF or full TF.  Please clearly state you preference for compensation (total amount including travel if required) in the reply so that we can compare costs.  It is certainly not about being the cheapest.  There are some expensive poor models, some amazing TF models and every combination in between.  We just want to understand why we should book you and how much it would cost in total if its not TF.  

We have worked with many great models in the past, please do apply if you have been to the studio before but equally we are keen to see new talented faces.  If your a MUA or stylist and want to get involved then please also send us a message.

Time is against us so please reply quickly.  We will make the final booking with the successful model before 7pm tomorrow evening (Thursday) so that it gives everyone time to prepare

In short we want to have a fun shoot on Saturday morning, testing some new techniques/equipment and hopefully creating some FPI worthy images.  If that works for you please apply....


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