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Creative - Open Minded - Interesting.. oh & a patchwork doll.

Russ FTL is looking for a model or a designer to fill this collaboration casting. The casting is only open to female models. It's based around Bickenhill, West Midlands B92 0EH, UK Added 1480261578.

This casting has expired.

I'm looking to work with creative minded peeps.. but first..

Patchwork Doll
It'll be beauty esche, probably head shoulders in terms of framing, and possibly lighting with room to be edgier with the narrative.  A Patchwork Doll full make-up look and an abstract or three... think a head wrap with wool as if it were bandages.  MUA is ready and waiting as soon as we can all get in the studio together.

Creative - Open Minded - Interesting
I'm interested in the artists out there!

Everybody is interested in working with the guy/gal that thinks different but only if (s)he shoots 'pretty pretty' and the way they can get from any others and probably have already... that's pretty flawed logic, their results are because of their thought patterns and style.  I'm interested in collabing with creative people on both mine and their ideas.  We find a catalyst/spark and riff on it until it becomes something we're excited about shooting.  With a model, I see that as being as simple as their attitude they convey and emotions.  I like narratives, projects, social and moral exploration.  Quirks.  Create the new trend, don't chase it.  I didn't pick up a camera to get paid and chase after trends i'm already six months behind (unless it's just something i've always fancied or like and have only recently discovered).  I shoot events and corporate for mula, nut nor do I collab for free any more than a model will on something they're not interested in.. which of course is the only reason to TF.  Sure i'll shoot some standard stuff too, but you've got to be on your A game and for it to be something i fancy lighting, otherwise there's nothing in it for me.

If in doubt, check my refs.  I'm dead easy to shoot with.. if anything sometimes to the detriment of the shoot if i end up glossing over to please people who throw curve balls.  I currently have a studio space near the NEC, but it wont be here forever as it's on a property that is on the market.

I've stuck a small cross section of stuff that I like that made it into my 1000's upon 1000's of pix inspo folder filed simply under 'ace'..  there may even be some pporters in there.  Ignore the nudity, while I like provocative photographers (check out David Lachapelle and Nikola Tamindzic for instance), nudity isn't a requirement to work with me, but I do look that edgy sass.

Russ FTLPhotographer

I am a part time photographer and have more than 10 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Rhyl LL18, UK. Map