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THIS SUNDAY - 10 o'clock. Awesome team looking for videographer/assistant in Fleet, for Autumn/Pumpkin/Halloween inspired shoot

Maria.Mirage.Photography is looking for a photographer or a model or a make-up artist or a photoshop wizard or a stylist or a tutor or a studio or a hair stylist or a artist/painter or a designer to fill this collaboration casting. It's based around Fleet, Hampshire GU52, UK Added 1478880401.

This casting has expired.

Hi all, Keep autumn themes flowing ! Pumpkin my up :-) 

I include everyone in casting call as there is no category for filmmaking! and may be some of you do video as well !

Team of two models, photographer looking for videographer/assistant for autumn inspired theme.

See my last behind the scene video to understand what happening on my shoots and what I want video-wise www.facebook.com/medusa.gorgona.photography/videos/1786078434966242/ 

We are looking for experienced videographer(please include link to your videography portfolio in application), if you have not experience with video do not apply. If you want to work with me just drop me another message.

Our team:

Photographer: Maria Mirage www.facebook.com/medusa.gorgona.photography 

Model: Gemma and Luca www.facebook.com/gemmawyrdphoto  

Date: THIS SUNDAY ;-) Time: Start 11 o'clock, finish 15-16 o'clock

Location: Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, private garden studio www.facebook.com/medusa.garden.studio

Theme: Halloween, autumn, medieval, romantic, dark plus special effects (two smoke machines, smoke bombs and candles) 



  • 18 Pumpkins !
  • Cobweb
  • Ravens
  • A lot of candles


See some costumes at my studio page www.facebook.com/medusa.garden.studio/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1186996644708848 


What do I want:  

  • One well-cut video behind the scene video 100-180 sec long (I can send more info on request) see example above.
  •  Series of 10-15 sec clips with will be used additionally on my page in 1-2 months time after main video will be released. This is not cut/edited video just clips show something like when (we burn smoke) or (making props) or (applying makeup). Something interesting on itself but cannot be added to main video as it would make it too long, too boring and too slow, but good on itself. Alternatively you can copy me all footage and I will chose this small clips myself.
  •  I have list what I want to see in this clips.
  • Assistance: occasionally control smoke machine(I have two machines), help carry pumpkins, props, collect autumn leafs.

What can I give to you

  • Opportunity to see work with special effects and working with big team
  • Opportunity to take photograph as well directing the model to your idea in already created settings   (your photos can be released after video and my photos will get released, so in 3-4 weeks after shoot as I plan to release my photos in 1-2 weeks)
  • You ask what do you want and may be I can provide it to you as trade ? (I am a "outdoor studio" owner, a model and stylist/wardrobe assistant) There are many ways I can collaborate.
  • I do paid work often, I can offer your services as videographer to my clients during my shoots.



  • This is TF-shoot, no expenses are paid to any participants (include confirmation you read and agree)
  • Please check the location and how you will get there (include this information in your reply)
  • Include email to your application
  • Include link to your portfolio as filmmaker
  • Email me as well to medusa.gorgona.photography@gmail.com, find me on facebook as Maria Mirage. You can send me message to my page or directly

See one of our shoot with Gemma and Luca


See below some examples of my autumn inspired work:


One of place we plan to shoot (another place is my garden



I am a part time photographer and have more than 20 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Fleet, Hampshire GU52, UK. Map