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FULL DAYS IN SCOTLAND. Up & down in a day: a slightly different casting.

❀ Chiara Elisabetta is looking to be paid by a photographer for this casting. It's based around Scotland, UK Added 1465765321.

This casting has expired.

Now I'm a big fan of Megabus.. a bit of a strange thing to hype up you may think, but I've seen London, (where I technically live) to Scotland is generally an 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 hour journey, depending on the Scottish location.

After a bit of research I've noticed there are plenty of coaches to get me to these destinations for first thing in the morning and then a return coach overnight the next night.. meaning I wouldn't need to find / spend money on accommodation as I'd be sleeping on the coach, (I've often coached my way somewhere overnight in a onesie with a pillow so know I can do it) and the fares are cheap - super cheap some of them - considering the fare by train from London is often hundreds of pounds.

So what am I offering?

Over the summer, I would be interested in hearing from photographers who would like to work with me on a full day's shoot to justify my mental travelling time.. for my full day fee of £250, NO accommodation expenses and minimal travel expenses.

I am happy to meet you at a time of your choice.. (many coaches get in quite early, like 7 or 8am) so if you want to start later, I'm happy to sit in a cafe and have breakfast to wait for you and the same after a shoot if my return coach leaves super late.. ie. there is no obligation to entertain me until it's time for me to get my coach home.

It is absolutely possible to shoot full days on one-day 'tours' to Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Aviemore.

Inverness and Aberdeen are also possible, although Inverness would need to be a 4 / 5 hour shoot max as coach times aren't as flexible. For Aberneen, we could do a 6 hour, possibly 7 hour shoot.. unless of course you're in these areas and could offer me accommodation.

Thanks a lot for reading. No specific dates, so if you're up in the hills and like my work / look, throw me your thoughts! It might be worth mentioning I've been a full-time model for 11 years and I've NEVER been to Scotland. WTF how outrageous is that!

Chiara x 


I'm a 35yr old Female, full time model and have more than 16 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Angmering, West Sussex, UK. Map