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Fuerteventura and other places - invitation for interest - NSFW

Natural Happy Woman is looking to be paid by a photographer or a photoshop wizard or a tutor or a studio or a artist/painter for this casting. It's based around Fuerteventura, Spain Added 1449700877.

This casting starts on Tuesday, January 1st and expires on Tuesday, December 31st.

Hi there, this is a shout-out for interest for shooting trips to Fuerteventura- because I have sucessfully run shoots there before, but other options may be possible if you so wish, please get your serious propositions in asap....

Chiara could be willing to revisit with me in 2019 so please advise of your interest..if we have a firm booking for 2 days each we'll do it.....
Artemis is wayyy too busy with her own trips now, I absolutely recommend her if you want something where everything is laid on rather than just a shoot on your own holiday...

I'm open to negotiation regarding locations, dates, modelling partners etc. but the way I have run this in the past is as a unique opportunity to shoot models abroad on a one-to-one rather than group basis but without having to pay to take them there yourself and (in the case of Fuerteventura, where someone has pre-scouted locations for you that work- check out the photographic proof!!)
It is particularly wonderful to shoot nudes as nudity is no problem on the island but you don't have to shoot nudes to enjoy the locations and the weather!!  

Artemis at the black rock pools

And myself? I'm a very experienced, confident, positive, happy model .... I pose in variety of genres but particularly art nude. I'm good at understanding your ideas and translating into the pictures you want.
I have a very high rate of repeat bookings, and will put you at ease.  If you are nervous, a beginner, or don't know what you want, don't worry, I will make it happen for you :>) Equally, I love to work with experienced photographers and can take direction. Please peruse my portfolio and please follow up my RECENT glowing references to check they really meant it :>)


See more photos from my  Fuerteventura album 

So.....tell me more
Fuerteventura is an increasingly popular destination to shoot models, perhaps due to people seeing great results from such trips :>) , I've made 4 trips there
, so I'm an old hand now:>) Plus, it's an entirely great and cost effective way to enjoy a lovely holiday in the sun with cheap flights available from East Midlands, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, and of course London...

Finding it challenging shooting outdoors due to problems with the weather/members of the public?
Wishing you could shoot abroad but can't afford model fees AND all their expenses?
Want to shoot in a mind-blowingly cool location (without location fees)? 
Had trouble finding places to shoot nudes?

Well...why not book yourself a little shooting break? Or nip out for a shoot during your holiday :>) the very consistently warm, accessibly priced, naturist friendly Fuerteventura
- where we can be righteously naked with no hassle and no cold!!


  • Just pay model rates instead of having to pay flights/food/accommodation/all expenses for models, especially as you can shoot two models, where the costs of taking two models out would be really prohibitive!

  • Even just booking us  North could be more expensive than this when you take into account our travel, accommodation, studio fees, so why not go somewhere more interesting!! You could just book a couple of hours as a treat to yourself as part of your holiday :>)

  • Very experienced, versatile, proactive models, used to shooting abroad, on location, at all sorts of workshops and at top events. We work well together and a special combined rate for an exciting duo shoot is available :>) 

  • It's pretty much part of the constitution that naturism is acceptable, so none of that hassle worrying about being "caught" shooting nudes! Enjoy an African climate with an especially European attitude to nudity- hurray!

  • The main draw is the wonderful landscape, especially the stunning sand dunes...I have MANY FPIs and competition wins from that location, it really makes amazing images, whether nudes or fashion!

  • You could even cover two amazing island landscapes in one trip as we are close to the harbour where you can get a 12 minute boat transfer to spectacular volcanic Lanzarote!

Enjoy uninterrupted art nude shoots at fantastic locations with 2 gorgeous experienced models... 
Artemis on the Black Sand beach...


Sunrise/sunset in great locations.... 


The (massive) graffiti house.. (seemingly endless shooting opportunities here): 
So many abandoned buildings with no access issues- none cares! 


 Viaduct/ruins (pictured here with Chiara Elisabetta):


See more photos from my trips here: Fuerteventura album 


  • Where are you staying? On the south side of Corralejo,  close to the amazing dunes, and other peaceful naturist friendly locations/beaches.
  • Do I need a car? Mostly photographers seem to enjoy exploring the island as part of their trip and hire a car, but if you don't want to hire a car it is perfectly possible to just use taxis... approx 5 euros 5 minutes drive to the dunes or beach from our hotel... about 15 minutes to the graffiti house, about 20 minutes to awesome rockpools beach or 25 minutes to viaduct if you want to go further afield...We can both direct you to these locations.
  • Can you help me book my trip? I suggest using travel republic, it's very easy to do everything in one place, and remember to say yes to airport transfers.... Use trip advisor to check that your accommodation meets your needs and get the inside story :>)
  • Can we stay at the same place as you? If you like :>) However, do note, this is an independent trip where we take on the same basis as we would shoots as we would in the UK, and not a shared holiday with photographers, so we will not be offering companionship for your trip. It would prove impractical for us to make further commitments outside of shooting time at any rate as we are just too busy!
  • What if it rains? SERIOUSLY?!! Ok, firstly it doesn't rain!! But, but , just think, if it did, you could be the only person to capture a raining in the desert shoot- I've never seen one and I think it would be spectacular!! And I'm happy to shoot in rain, or you could shoot in our/your room, other indoor don't panic about that :>)
  • What if I'm a beginner? We are happy to help beginners! We know the locations and can help you feel at ease, it's a great place to have your very first model location shoot without the pressures of disturbance and poor weather you get in the UK. I took Greg on his FIRST EVER MODEL SHOOT, and Paul Underwood on his first ever model location shoot if you would like to contact them for reassurance.

Fuerteventura is GREAT! It's warm and no-one cares if you're naked!


Model rates to be confirmed depending on who's going, dates of trip etc... but generally speaking I would charge a little more I would at home (i.e £30, like you would pay for a train fare), rather than adding the £450+ it's costing me to go there!!

i.e £110 2 hours, £130 3 hours and £20/hr thereafter..


you pay for the trip and I may well negotiate rates for the opportunity to spend some time in the sun this winter, I already have one such trip booked...



I'm a 39yr old Female, full time model and have more than 12 years experience. I work for pay only.

I'm based in Locks Heath, Park Gate, Southampton SO31 6LL, UK. Map