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Not put off by a challenge, the PurplePort Community showed us they could continue to create during Covid-19 Lockdown measures earlier in 2020, see some of their "Remote Shoots" here!

21 loves | 25 Comments | 1593269704| 5 min read

by Penelope Purple

What you need to know to get started, plus further information on being a boss about it! We'll show you how to take your modeling career into our own hands and see what amazingness you come up with...

11 loves | 2 Comments | 1592582704| 8 min read

by Penelope Purple

Stating the official Government guidelines in England and our own thoughts & tips on returning to work safely, responsibly and Covid-19 secure - A must-read!

29 loves | 36 Comments | 1591637705| 6 min read

by Penelope Purple

What happened during our 36hrs of downtime, and how we got out of it

204 loves | 98 Comments | 1591036804| 10 min read

by Russ Freeman

We've created 3 new and exciting groups for the PurplePort Community, and added some guidance for the kind of images which can be uploaded to PurplePort (depending on your account type).

2 loves | 0 Comments | 1590436207| 3 min read

by Laura SJ FD

We'll be exploring the basic features and lighting patterns for new photographers or those new to a studio environment in a series of video tutorials.

9 loves | 2 Comments | 1589818212| 5 min read

by Splash Point Photo Studio

In this tutorial, learn how to take UNDERWATER PHOTOS without going underwater! The whole setup cost less than £50 and was done in the comfort of my own home.

38 loves | 26 Comments | 1589195415| 4 min read

by Raj K

A guide to getting the most out of the Wanted/For Sale Group on PurplePort. This is a perfect time to go through all your modelling and photography gear and evaluate what you need and what you don’t.

13 loves | 12 Comments | 1588678208| 3 min read

by Penelope Purple

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to build your own diy rain machine you can use for photo and video! This whole build cost me less than £50 and was done in the comfort of my own back garden!

32 loves | 26 Comments | 1587991816| 4 min read

by Raj K

Getting creative with a camera, some toys, and a toilet un-blocker thingy?! In this toy photography tutorial we show how to make toys come to life in your photos!

32 loves | 22 Comments | 1587378931| 4 min read

by Raj K