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Hello PurplePorters! We thought everyone must be itching to get back to work in a safe and COVID-19 secure way, so we've compiled a checklist of Government guidelines and requirements, including some of our own suggestions and tips for you guys. We want the PurplePort Community to feel informed, at ease and confident with the idea of the reopening of business on the 15th June 2020. For those in our community not living in England, we hope this information could still act as a guideline for safe work practice in the model-photography industry.

Government Guidelines in England


So here's a round-up of key points from the GOV.UK site regarding the 15th June, please have a scan through just in case you've missed something! :)

Press Release: Prime Minister sets out timeline for retail to open in June: 

"Businesses will only be able to open from these dates once they have completed a risk assessment, in consultation with trade union representatives or workers, and are confident they are managing the risks. They must have taken the necessary steps to become COVID-19 secure in line with the current Health and Safety legislation." Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 25th May 2020 GOV.UK 

The Government will be "working with local authorities to continue to carry out spot checks and follow up on concerns by members of the public" Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 25th May 2020 GOV.UK 

"The updated guidance takes into account the best practice demonstrated by the many retailers which have been allowed to remain open and have applied social distancing measures in-store. Measures that shops should consider include:

  • placing a poster in their windows to demonstrate awareness of the guidance and commitment to safety measures
  • storing returned items for 72 hours before putting them back out on the shop floor
  • placing protective coverings on large items touched by the public such as beds or sofas
  • frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, including self-checkouts, trolleys, coffee machines and betting terminals, for example"

- Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 25th May 2020 GOV.UK 

"The vast majority of businesses will want to do everything possible to protect their staff and customers, but tough powers are in place to enforce action if they don’t, including fines and jail sentences of up to 2 years.

As per the roadmap, hairdressers, nail bars and beauty salons, and the hospitality sector, remain closed, because the risk of transmission in these environments is higher where long periods of person to person contact is required." - Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 25th May 2020 GOV.UK 

Please follow the links above for more UK Government guidelines, check regularly as they may change as time goes on.


Checklist for everyone 

These are our general tips on maintaining a safe and responsible work environment when working with other people on a shoot, no matter what the location. This is a formality mentioning these things, we are aware that this is a professional community of hardworking creatives, who care for the well-being and safety of others :)

  • Apply social distancing measures as much as you can to and from and during the photoshoot
  • Face coverings will be mandatory on public transport from 15th June, so we recommend finding yourself a comfortable facemask (support local businesses in this time of need if you can)
  • Ask yourself if you are in fact working responsibly and in a Covid-19 secure way
  • Invest in some PPE; gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol-based cleaning products
  • Professionalism; this may be a hobby for some, but it’s a full-time profession for others, so please respect and be mindful of the other person’s need for PPE and behave in a responsible manner. Discuss before a shoot so there are no surprises.
  • Unsure of these new measures, and whether you’re doing the right thing? Ask the community in the comments below or start a Group post.
  • Support local businesses when you can
  • Photographers please can you definitely wear PPE for the shoot (and maybe send me your safe-shoot selfies!)
  • Speak up if you need to remind someone of social distancing measures, we all forget occasionally
  • Have fun, be kind - some of us will have been very isolated during this time

What does that mean for Studios?

Get cracking people, if you haven't already! There's a risk assessment to update, PPE to be acquired, cleaning to be done. If you've already done all of that, well done! Now to let everyone know, across PurplePort and your other social media pages, what's on offer and what measures you've taken to follow the new government guidelines. Be prepared for a potential spot check.

Photographers & Models?

Make those casting calls, book those shoots, dust off the cobwebs, limber up and let loose some of that pent up creativity in a safe, Covid-19 secure way :)! Use PPE whenever you can.

MUAs & Hair Stylists?

Unfortunately, there has been no improvement in the UK Government guidelines for you amazing magicians of beauty and style :(. But our tips for you are; make content, share it across your social media pages, make some blog posts here on our free blog, be active in the groups, show us your amazing skills and get more of a following! Plan for the future, you want everything to be in place so you can jump right in when the time comes.

Something to add...

I would like to urge the people that would be up for the idea, to document their experiences doing their "Covid-19 secure photoshoot", whether in a studio or on-location, in video/photo/written form, because I would love to share that kind of thing here in the Purple Blog, and I think it would actually be very useful to the community to see how other people are managing. People are of course very welcome to make their own blog post independently if they'd prefer.

Feel free to send me, Penelope Purple, content you think I might find interesting. And remember to stay safe, and take care of yourself, Vitamin D is essential for everyone right now <3


Content from the community

This is a video about Covid-19 June 15th reopening measures in England, made by Ian M Butterfield, a PurplePort photographer and studio owner from Stockport, UK:



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