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Find out what's on offer in the Wanted/For Sale Group and start selling today

For those of us that like to recycle and upcycle where and when we can, second-hand items are a great alternative to all of the fresh off the production line items. Bespoke clothing, characterful accessories and unique props are just a few of the things you can come across in the Wanted/For Sale Group.

Let this be a time to spring clean your modelling/photography inventory of acquired items and brave those stuffed, bottom of the wardrobe bags and pokey little loft spaces for all the things you no longer want or need!

Basic How-To

  1. Firstly, we recommend making a “For Sale” image album on your profile 
  2. Take well-lit photo/s of your for sale item against a light background
  3. Put the item’s info, e.g size, colour, material, price in the image description
  4. Make a post in the Wanted/For Sale Group with info and images and a link to your for sale album if you wish




Are you looking to change up your repertoire of outfits? Then why not reach out to the creative community here! There are thousands of models and photographers looking for inspiration for their next photoshoots, whether it comes in the form of a dress, a super cute 70s ensemble or some jaw-dropping statement jewellery pieces - why not advertise them here for free?




If you have it, the likelihood is that someone out there wants it - That's right, many people out there do indeed want your secondhand lawn ornaments! Before you decide to cast your collection of random photoshoot objects you've collected over the years into the void, take a moment to snap a pic of it and make a post in the Wanted/For Sale Group.




People looking for new photography equipment will not be disappointed, the natural ebb and flow of the contents of people's kit bags and studio lighting setups etc means the group is a potential treasure trove of bargain secondhand tech items. 


If you haven't visited the Wanted/For Sale Group yet be sure to have little browse now. Don't miss any of the great offers or unique outfits that are being advertised there for free, and why not start advertising some of your own for sale items too :)

Thank you to the PurplePort Community for being your fabulous, industrious and creative selves, keep it up!

Feel free to message me Penelope Purple with any blog queries.

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