RR Photographic is a two photographer team (husband and wife) based in Bournemouth, UK, and they specialise in wedding, portrait, event, and commercial photography. I spoke with Ruth Chornolutskyy about her creative work and how her the help of her husband helps her realize her ideas on a practical level. I'm sure if you're a PurplePort Member you will recognise her signature portrait 'look'! Her images manage to retain her dreamy aesthetic and finish throughout her body of work, take a look for yourself...

How would you describe your work and its inspirations?

“I would describe my work on Purpleport as creative portraiture. I like feminine, themed shoots with long dresses and flying fabric. I aim to create dramatic images and for my own development, I enjoy trying out things which are new to me and challenging. Shoots I've particularly loved doing include photographing a model with fire, an underwater shoot, light painting and shooting a model with a tarantula on her face! Adventurous and artistic photographers like Ben Von Wong and Sails Chong really inspire me.”

What do you love about being a photographer?

“When I was younger I loved using my imagination and drawing and painting. Now I get the same enjoyment from thinking up an idea, creating a set or finding a beautiful location, styling and photographing an attractive model and editing the images. Creative portraiture gives me a chance to create a kind of 'fantasy'. When I go to a shoot I already have the end images in my head and I enjoy the process of bringing those ideas into reality. My husband Russ (also a photographer) has a different style to me; I find that helpful as he'll often give me another perspective on my ideas or he'll push me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. He helps me out on shoots and that allows me to create looks and effects in photos which I couldn't, or would struggle to, physically do on my own.” 

What do you look for in a model?

“I enjoy teamwork and get a real buzz from working with other creative people who are enthusiastic and interested in bringing an idea to life. I love working with models who can give expression and emotion in a shoot as being attractive is only one small part of modelling. I like it when models are easy going and prepared to go the extra mile for an image. Whilst I try to keep models comfy, it's not always possible and I really respect and admire models who can work well when cold, wet or in uncomfortable surroundings and can create really beautiful images despite their discomfort, making it look easy!” 

How has PurplePort helped you?

“Purpleport has helped me in many ways. Firstly, the site has enabled me to find and work with lots of great models, makeup artists, designers and other photographers. Seeing the work of talented people on a daily basis is very inspiring and gives me creative ideas. The forum is helpful as I've been able to ask for advice or read opinions of other members of the site on topics which are of interest to me. Purpleport also gives me a platform where I can show my work to others and get feedback.”

I would like to give a big thank you to Ruth for taking the time to answer my questions! Please go visit RR Photographic's portfolio to see more amazing photos :)

Fancy seeing Ruth & Russ at work? Here's a great 'behind the scenes' video of the Jungle shoot...

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