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PurplePort changes - Free studio account restrictions, bugs fixed, and other enhancements

PurplePort changes - Free studio account restrictions, bugs fixed, and other enhancements

By Russ Freeman | PurplePort updates| 15th October 2019, 10:50 | 12 loves | 17 comments | 4 min read

Hi everyone,

We've been busy as usual, fixing bugs and improving PurplePort.

Although this update isn't packed with new things it is a BIG update for us which touches large parts of the service. We've run our tests and everything passes eek!

We have made 692 changes across PurplePort since June 24th. That's a lot of changes! Lots of bugs, some not worth mentioning. Many are performance or stability improvements, which is always an ongoing task for us. We want PurplePort to be bug-free and as fast as we can make it.

Free studio account restrictions

Back in June, we announced that we would add additional restrictions to free studio accounts.

We have now completed this work. From now on, free studio accounts have limitations or restrictions, which include (amongst other things):

  • Cannot send or receive messages
  • Cannot apply for casting calls
  • Cannot create casting calls or events
  • Cannot add references or request them
  • Cannot participate in the groups

Other changes

  • We added a new notification to the Follow feature so you can be notified when someone you follow updates their general availability.
  • When we ban someone we notify people they have recently been communicating with about the ban - now we don't notify MaG team members about someone being banned due to the auto-welcome message the MaG team send to new members.
  • Fixed bug where share-a-shoot posts on mobile were not being processed properly.
  • Mobile menu glitch fixes noticed on safari but affect all browsers with certain screen sizes.
  • Correctly checks blocks for reference page (previously checked if ANY blocks existed).
  • We switched out more drop-down lists for radio buttons to improve usability and visibility, especially on mobile.
  • We no longer insist on ethnicity selection when editing your profile.
  • Made sure you can comment on your images even if someone tagged in them has blocked you.
  • Fixed bug where lists might sometimes include inactive accounts.
  • Fixed bug where clicking an image on the "images from people I follow" gadget wouldn't allow next-next navigation.
  • Change competition layout on mobile to give the images a little more space.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't love or comment on images if in a private album even if the album was shared with you.
  • We added a few more tools to the Images Home page.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes your avatar for group posts might not be the correct one after you switched accounts.
  • Fixed layout bug when viewing an image and the image owner had disabled comments.
  • Added ability to suspend someone from entering the competitions.
  • Improved Image Manager on mobile.
  • Fixed bug where events would expire, and hide, on the day of the event.
  • Added "Breach of Group Etiquette" to the reasons for burying a post reply
  • Added ability for you to update your invoice address.
  • Jiggled the page footer around, moved RSS feeds to the sitemap, removed site stats as you can get that elsewhere and isn't needed on every page.
  • Fixed bug where the competitions page suggested you can enter today's competition when you couldn't.
  • Fixed some bugs for image collection pages that include a count for the images. The count now takes into account members-only, private albums, and any other restrictions to the contained images.
  • Fixed bug where followers and following pages were displayed even for inactive accounts.
  • We removed 6-month subscriptions as an option as it just wasn't used enough to warrant it.
  • Added ability to edit keywords and albums for an image on the grey cog when viewing an image.
  • Responsive - tweak to portfolio page to add "wants to work with/match" at the top of a profile when on mobile only.  After the suggestion, a positive, otherwise hidden detail, that is awesome to highlight clearly on mobile.
  • Redesigned the Following page so it's much more usable on mobile.
  • Added a link to images from people you follow to your following list.
  • Changed the sharing tools to simplify it and remove the broken tool to generate content for other image sites.

That's it for now, phew :-)

Let us know...

Don't forget that if you spot an error or think of an improvement you can let us know about it either by creating a support ticket or creating a discussion the Bugs, Errors, and Suggestions group. Doing so helps us, and of course every member of PurplePort.

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Rich Smith said...

Thanks for the updates, some feedback from me... quite annoying that you have added the new "be notified when someone you follow updates their general availability" as defaulted to ON, now I have to go through everyone I follow to turn it off.

Avichan said...

Make new members know there are no free accounts. Some members have deactivated their membership and after some time (months/year) they reactivate their account how they will be considered as a new member or active member with all the PP benefits.


new notification seems to be by default set to ON for existing follows, so it leads to too many notifications

Personally I’m not impressed about the studio changes as I already pay to use Purpleport and now to send and more importantly receive messages I have to pay again how are people supposed to contact us? Can we put the studio email on our portfolio?

Werdna said...

Can you explain what you define as a “studio“. As I am retired and an amateur photographer I look forward to receiving casting calls. As an amateur photographer do your changes mean I will no longer receive these casting notification.

Lauraanne said...

So on a free account then this pretty much closes the business if I can’t send or receive texts. How are people supposed to make contact??

MidgePhoto said...

Studios get the first 3 months or other period of full-service as do other sorts of account, before lapsing to free?

Good to see lots of updates but when do you think you guys will make an app for PP?

Nice to see you guys are on top of it. Keep up the great work!

Morph01 said...

Kind of strange that you restrict a studio's ability to carry on any form of communication at allunless they pay you. If a new studio, how are they supposed to get started.

hotknives said...

still no way to add images to this website via my tablet using this page https://purpleport.com/addimage.asp the multiple image upload has an issue - can't describe here as the word limit is too short

Peter D said...

Thank you for the update on all the work you guys have been doing :)

John Shinu said...

Impressive fixes..... Nice

John Shinu said...

Hey is the option to check for 'new members' removed while accessing from phone?

M e l a n y said...

Wow you’ve been busy! Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work :)

DigitalDave said...

Phew - keep up the good work - might not seem it at times but it is really appreciated

Jeff Horne said...

Great list of enhancements. It would be great if there was a feature (apologies if I've missed it) whereby if someone you follow it have on your WLTWW list changes from a free account to a paid account, you get notified.