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Photographer Reveals His "Instagram Perfect" Portrait Techniques - 20 pics

Photographer Reveals His "Instagram Perfect" Portrait Techniques - 20 pics

By Penelope Purple | Photography Techniques| 23rd September 2019, 13:15 | 10 loves | 6 comments | 2 min read

Feel like trying your hand at the "Instagram Perfect" portraits look? Whether this style of portraiture is to your liking or not, one cannot deny the public's appetite for such images. With 152k Instagram followers this Orlando based Photograher Geo Leon (geoleon) has obviously hit the sweet spot for many online viewers!

This Photographer's creative approaches and talent are without a doubt the overiding key elements behind his "flawless" shots, not fancy gear or locations. These behind the scenes photos make the photography industry feel a little more accessible and real, revealing that it's not all about what expensive equipment you have, but how you use what you have.


Model: ambaluna 


Model: steenromantic


Model: sierraoliviera


Model: leynarivers


Model Left: maggie13moodie
Model Right: puffd4ddy


MUA: briannaruizmakeup


Model: leynarivers


Model: kristinawilck


Model: maggie13moodie


Model: puffd4ddy
Assist: cnhphotography


Model: nat_torious


Model: nat_torious


Model Left: maggie13moodie
Model Right: puffd4ddy


Model: steenromantic


Model: laurengav_
Assist: cnhphotography
BTS: _michileon


Model: laurengav_




Model: puffd4ddy


Model: maggie13moodie


Model: ana_karen67
Assist: stillsincolor Kadeemiii
BTS: victoralejandrogm

Let us know what you make of Geo Leon's work! Which images are your favourite? Leave a love or a comment in the comment section below!


See more of Geo Leon's work: Facebook, Instagram

Original source Bored Panda




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Hairstylist said...

This is pretty awesome 😍😍

clara 1 said...

very good work, fantasy, creativity. lots of ideas. good lighting. very well done to all involved

madcapaw1 said...

Great work. And some good ideas on use of reflectors

YorVikIng said...

Impressive use of single-hand-held reflectors. Love the images.

Awesome. I rarely use reflectors but seeing this has given me food for thought.

NikT said...

Love them all... Very creative work.