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How does the reply rate on portfolios work?

By Russ Freeman, written 1382091384

When you view a portfolio, whether yours or others, it will show a reply overview and when you move the mouse cursor over it it will tell you the exact response rate.

How is this calculated?

If you receive an initial message and don't reply then that will decrease your response rate.

If you reply just once then your response rate will increase again.

PurplePort only takes into account message you have received between 12 months ago and 7 days ago. This means messages older than 12 months are not counted, and message received in the last 7 days are also not counted.

You can see which messages you have not replied to that affect the reply rate here.

Does this mean I have to always reply last?

No. Once you have replied to the initial message then that message no longer negatively affects your reply rate. It only applies to initial messages that you have not responded to.

Do responses to my casting calls count against me if I don't reply?

Yes, they are initial messages and so if you don't reply then they will negatively affect your response rate. Even a simple "sorry, not this time" is enough.

Do messages I send count?

No. If you send a message to someone it has no impact on your reply rate.

Do messages from inactive members count?

No. Messages from inactive accounts do not count regardless of whether they are deactivated or banned members.

Do messages from people I have blocked count?

No. Messages from people you have blocked do not count.

How can I improve my response rate?

It's easy! Just reply to the messages you receive.

There's no reason you can't go back through your messages, including your deleted items, and reply to those that you have missed. Remember it's only affected by messages you have received between 12 months and 7 days ago!

Can I hide my response rate from my portfolio?

Yes you can. Choose Manage Account from the Purple Cog and then choose the option from the Grey Cog. It will still be displayed when a VIP member attempts to message you though.

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