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A Guide to the PurplePort Messaging System

By AndyL, written 1380534226


All messages received will arrive in your Inbox which is located on the menu at the top of the screen.

If your inbox has new unread messages then a small red box showing the number of unread messages will flash next to the word menu to highlight you have messages.

To view your messages simply click on Inbox then click on the message you wish to read.

Unread messages are shown in bold and read messages are shown in normal text.  If you have set your notification preferences up to send a copy of the message to your usual email box then these messages will also appear in your usual email inbox and can also be read from there.

Replying to messages

Simply type your reply in the text box below the message you are reading and click reply.

Creating a single message

  •  When browsing a portfolio, you can message that person by clicking on “message” above the portfolio notes.
  •  In your inbox click “new message” type the persons’ name in the recipients box, create your message and send.

Creating message to multiple people

  • In your inbox click “new message” type up to 5 recipients in the recipients box, create your message and send.

Please note that if you send to multiple recipients then everyone in the conversation will see everything sent by the others. Use multiple recipients to collaborate, not for bulk messaging.

Deleting a message

Check the message(s) you wish to delete then click the delete (x) messages button at the bottom of the page, or, when you have finished reading a message click the bin icon at the bottom of the page.

Message template

If you have a message that you send out on a regular basis to save time you can set it up as a template to save having to type the whole message. To do this, in your inbox click the grey cog and select “new message template”. Type your message and save. When you next create a message, that text will already appear in the message. You can edit this text in the normal way. You may only save 1 template.


You may create extra folders in your inbox to store your messages in a way that suits you best. You can make a new folder by clicking on the grey cog and selecting make new folder. You can also create a new folder by checking  1 or more message in your inbox which will show a button at the bottom of the page “add (x) messages to folder” you can then create a new folder from there or add to an existing folder. When you move a message to different folder you are creating a copy of that message. If you delete a message it does not delete the copy in the other folder.

Renaming a folder

  • Click on the folder to highlight it, then click on grey cog and rename folder.

Deleting a folder

  • Click on the folder to highlight it then click on the grey cog and delete folder

Searching messages

  • From your inbox click the search messages button. Enter a name in the from/to box and/or search keywords or phrase box. Any messages will automatically appear below.

Other tools

At the bottom of each message is a selection of tools.  

  • Delete message -  self explanatory
  • Block sender – blocks the sender from contacting you further.
  • Report – Allows you to report this message to site admin.
  • Add to folder – copies the message into a different folder.
  • Get follow up reminder – PurplePort will send you an email reminder about this message, you specify when from the drop down menu.
  • Book a shoot – Books a shoot in both of your calendars
  • Calendar – Lets you compare calendars with the sender to see when you are both available.


  • As a VIP member you can send and receive as many messages as you like. If you are on a limited account you may only converse with 2 others in any 24 hours. You can send and receive as many messages as you like with those 2 others.

General etiquette

  • When sending messages, be polite. You are far more likely to get a more favourable response to your message if you are polite to the other person, especially if this is your first contact with them. Try not to use text speak, fully written messages are so much easier to read. Remember first impressions count!
  • Do not spam others with requests for loves or comments, or requests for votes etc.
  • When making bookings and arrangements with other members it is far better to use this messaging system and not take communications off site to e mail or facebook etc. If there is any subsequent dispute admin are less able to help if messaging was not done here.
  • If you receive any nuisance messages please do not respond, simply report the message to admin.
  • Reply to messages where possible, even if it has to be a polite no thank you. If you open your message from your e mail account the message on here still shows as unread. This can be quite frustrating to some when they see you have logged in and not responded.
  • If you do receive a polite no thank you, leave it at that, do not let it spiral into a fall out as nothing good can come of that.

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