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How can I add images to group posts, messages etc?

By Russ Freeman, written 1366120186

Images can be used in messages, group posts, casting calls, and practically everywhere that supports rich formatting.

Images must be somewhere online (such as on PP, Flickr, Facebook, DeviantArt, etc). Trying to add an image from your hard drive won't work. Adding images from within your email also won't work, and neither will adding images in private folders hosted on Dropbox.

Adding images from anywhere online 

This method can be used to add images from anywhere online to PurplePort, including adding images to casting calls and events. 

How to add an image 

To add an image to somewhere on PurplePort (e.g. a message/group post/event/casting call you have created):

  • Go to the web page where the image is that you want to add
  • Right-click on the centre of the image and click Copy image address
  • On PurplePort, go to the description box of the message/group post/event/casting call you've created and click the Insert/edit image button
  • Paste the image address into the Source box
  • Click OK 

The image will now be displayed in the description box.

How to copy the image address

Depending on the type of web browser you are using, there are different ways to copy the image address of an image. 

Below are three of the most common examples: 

  1. Firefox (PC): right-click on the image and then click Copy Image Location
  2. Internet Explorer: right-click on it and then click Copy
  3. Chrome: right-click on it and then choose Copy image address

How to use the grey cog to copy the URL to the image/the image address

  • View the image
  • Go to the grey cog and click Copy Image URL
  • You can then copy either the URL to the image (using the Copy link to the page option) or the image address (using the Copy link to JPG option). 

For a group post, right-click and choose Paste. Most browsers support dragging an image straight into the post reply box from another window.  If this is a thumbnail from another user's portfolio then it'll often get linked, too (though Chrome does not do this).  Note that this does not work from your own portfolio because of the way that you can rearrange your portfolio images.

How to make the image into a clickable link

If you want the image to also be a link, go back to the web page from which you copied the image address and copy the URL of that web page. Now go back to the description box (e.g. on the group post/event/casting call you've created) and select the image. Then click the icon for Insert/edit link. Paste the link address in the box for URL. Now click OK. Your image should now be a link.


Open up the page hosting the image and then hold your finger on the image and then Copy it. Next, paste it to the address bar of a new page. You can then select and copy the address and paste it into the insert image section when posting or creating messages etc.

Adding images hosted on PurplePort (group posts only)

The easiest way of adding images from PurplePort to a group post or reply is to simply copy the web address of the image page and paste it into the post. PurplePort will then automatically find the image and put it in the post, complete with a link back to the image for you.

E.g. PurplePort will convert this:

...into an image that when clicked will go to the image page. No need to use the tree icon on the toolbar nor to find the URL of the .jpg. It's really simple!

Here's a GIF showing how to do it:

Doing it this way has the added benefit of making the image clickable so people can love/comment/collect it as well as enabling the little bar on the image that shows who is tagged in it, how many loves it has and allowing people to love it from within the group post :-)


You can test posting images to groups by joining and posting in the Test post group.

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