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One account, one user

By Laura SJ FD, written 1475765982

PurplePort is designed for one user (or one purpose) per account. It has been set up this way so that other users know what work you are looking for or advertising, making sure everyone gets the most out of the service.


Example one: You are a model who wants to advertise your work on PurplePort. Here, you will need to set up a "model" account this means only you can use that account. If you and a friend were both models, you could not set up a PurplePort account together (e.g. “Jack and Jill Models”), but you could definitely set up separate accounts. 


This policy also makes sure each individual is accountable for their account, for example if we allowed a joint account and one of the people cancels at short notice, it would also, unfairly, look bad on the other.


Example two: You are a photographer who also has a studio that you want to advertise for use on PurplePort. Here, you would need to create a “photographer” account as well as a separate “studio” account. You could not set up an account set-up which includes both (e.g. “Jack Photography and Studio”). If you also wanted to advertise yourself as a model, then you would need to create a separate “model” account.


Don’t worry about how you will manage all of these accounts! We’ve created a neat feature that allows you to link accounts together. See the "How to link accounts" page for more information.


Remember, PurplePort has been designed this way to make it easier for you and everyone to use, and get the most out of it. This means not only making it easier for you to find the best people to work with, but also for them to be able to find you.

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