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Sharing a shoot (aimed at hobbyist photographers)

By Say Something, written 1465165862

As a photographer, unless you have agreed otherwise, you have full ownership and edit rights to your images.  The aim of this article is to encourage building a partnership with those you are working with and to make sure the images you post on the site are the most effective and strongest before you upload to the site.  By working together, you allow others to provide feedback on details you might miss, words to tag which could drive more people to your portfolio, ensure everyone is properly flagged (or not flagged, in some cases), etc beforehand which will build towards positive relationships with those you work with while on the site.

The suggested steps are the following:

  1. After a shoot, create a hidden folder for the images you want to upload and give the model/team access to the folder so they can see the images too and everyone can comment back and forth using the PP mailbox while no one else sees them.
  2. Some of the things to consider during conversation includes, image review, words used as tags everyone agrees with beforehand, entire team has been included, comments, title, etc.  You would be amazed at how the little details make a big difference while creating an overall feel for an image.  When you are starting off, the more you get people involved in the process the more you will learn and grow as photographer.  Don't be afraid to get comments.  Everyone wants your image to be as successful as it can.  Their reputation is riding on what you do also so they will be actively engaged in the process many times.  Even if they choose not to participate, later you have left a door open to them to work with you at another date if nothing else.
  3. Once you have the images the way you want them, delete all the images from this folder and repost them into your main page (or public folder you want to use) so they show up in recently uploaded images (your images in the hidden folder will not show up in recently uploaded images even if you unhide the folder, move the images back to your main page, click the show in recently uploaded images or change something about the file, etc)
  4. Then go to Share a Shoot and open a new post
  5. Write your comments about the shoot and then to tag images from your main page (or where ever you uploaded them to) by copying and pasting the entire webpage link of the image into the share a shoot textbox space.  This allows people to directly love an image from the page or to click over to your portfolio.
  6. It is usually good to number all your images so when people want to comment on their favorites they can reference them by number
  7. Be sure to comment back on people who leave you comments.  It is a good way to build relationships and also it shows that you are reading what people are saying and taking the time to say thanks.
  8. Also, leave a recommendation for the team.  Even if they don't bother to do it for you, it just shows that you are leading the process and that as the owner of the image you appreciate everyone's time and efforts they put into make your ideas a success.  Not everyone will be as diligent but it doesn't stop you from doing your part.

Hopefully, this will help in generating a lot of love for your images but also a great reputation on the site.  The more you make it a team effort the more people will want to work with you and also recommend you to others on the site which will open more doors for you.