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Create a Dreamy Edge Vignette in 5 minutes

By FBW-Retouching, written 1465151178

Sometimes I have a little play when I've finished an image - this effect seems popular


If you want to follow along with the same image you can do (but please only use for practice purposes - do not publish it anywhere).  I think this effect may work better with plain backgrounds - but try it on yours and see

So you will need:-

beth.jpg (right click and save as)

edge.jpg (right click and save as)

and photoshop  


Open up beth.jpg in PS



Open up edge.jpg



With edge.jpg open go to :- EDIT > DEFINE BRUSH PRESET


and give it a name.   This will load the file as a brush.  



You can close edge.jpg now.  We won't be needing that again



On beth.jpg create a SOLID COLOR ADJUSTMENT LAYER  (any colour will do for now)

You can find that at the bottom of your layers palette - its the one in the middle with half black and half white circle.

Scroll to the top and choose SOLID COLOR



It creates a new layer and has a mask attached to it (look on your layers palette).

Again dont bother choosing a colour at this stage - any will do



Choose the BRUSH tool (or hit B)  and make sure black is foreground and white is background colours



Select the mask by clicking on it once.  Thats the white thumbnail box to the left of "Color Fill 1" layer



Your new brush should be loaded.   Dab it once near the top



Keep dabbing....BUT...make sure you ROTATE your brush so we don't get any repeating edges.  You can do this by clicking on the brush in the top left corner - a drop down appears where you can now click on the arrow to rotate it a few degrees



Keep dabbing until you get something that pleases you



Now its time to choose a good complimentary colour

Click on the left thumb icon - the one with the red in it on mine and choose a different colour.  I used the colour picker to select a colour from her headpiece



and thats about it.  Play about with different colours.  Have fun